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Clutch PDF tutorial updated – FREE download

Hi all-

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.  I missed out on fireworks so hopefully you got to enjoy some!

As per my previous post, I just did a minor update to the clutch tutorial.  Please go to this post and enter your password that you received when you bought the tutorial to access it for free.  This time, I’ve added a thumbnail of the 2 pages with updates allowing you to just print those 2 pages and insert them into your hard copy booklets.  I’ve increased the measurements in order to make the clutches fuller.  Of course, you’ve always been able to do this, but I’ve made a permanent change to the dimensions to the 6×3 TeaTime(TM) Clutch, the 8×3 Classic Day(TM) Clutch, and the 10×3 Cross and Carry(TM) Clutch.

Click here to get to the post and get your update.

Once there, you can either download either the updated page OR download the entire tutorial.  You’ll know you have the latest version with this cover picture:

Cover with the most updated version.

If you’ve bought the PDF in the last 2 weeks, you will have already gotten the latest update.

Have an enjoyable weekend!  I’m heading to Kuala Lumpur (again) for several days for some girl time with my bestie.  Be back with some pictures!


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Clutches everywhere … ?

Maybe it’s selective perception but I seem to be seeing clutches everywhere.  Granted, I am a bit obsessed with clutches.  My trusty camera finally died *wah wah* so I just started taking pics with my other not-so-new camera.  However, batteries are dead, wouldn’t you know it, so…..  I will post pics of the clutches in a future post!  Promise!

But check this out ladies.  I was just reading an article about how Gwenyth Paltrow is coming out with a Goop collection.

T-shirt for $90. Not in my budget … 😦

It was interesting because I’m always reading many many many things, never knowing where it’ll lead me.  On this occasion, it led me to her website, and I noticed that they recently updated the site.  Guess what they have for the shopping or “get” tab?  A clutch as the icon!

How awesome is that?  It kinda looks like a clutch made using my 4.5×3 inch nickel-free frame, doesn’t it?  🙂

My clutch tutorial was also recently reviewed and featured in another blog.  This time it was Jen over at BettyCrockerAss.  With that name, you know I’d like her anyway!  🙂  You should check her out.  She is a quilter extraordinaire!

You can check out her review of my tutorial.  Jen brought up an excellent point:  the corners were too pointy making the clutch more of an “A” shape.  As you know on pg. 13 of the tutorial, you can make the clutch fuller by cutting more off the ends.  You can square it off more to change the silhouette.  However, Jen did an ingenious alteration with the use of buttons.  I’ve since updated the tutorial with new measurements to make the clutch fuller and the update is up.  Go to this post and enter the same password that you received when you bought the PDF in order to get the update.  You have 2 options for getting the update this time:  just page 13 where the changes were made OR the entire updated tutorial.

Jen reviewed by purse frame clutch tutorial as part of Sara’s Purse Palooza 2012 at Sew Sweetness.   I was really honored that Jen reviewed my tutorial and added to it, and that Sara started this whole thing.  You should go and check out all the great reviews and free tutorials at Sara’s blog.

Sew SweetnessI will be back late this week with another quick post about the updated tutorial.  But in the meantime, for you early readers, you can grab your update now!

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