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Welcome Back Gütermann! And Happy 2017 To All….

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a joyous NYE! I was able to take a little break and enjoyed some down time with the family this past week. Now back to the fun! Thank you for all the orders and inquiries streaming through 24/7. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, wonderful, and amazing customers. You all rock!

To bring in 2017 the right way, I need to plaster my blog with THE BIGGEST news of all. I have kept this letter for weeks, waiting for the right time, waiting for it to sink in, and waiting to make sure it’s true. Well, it’s true indeed. Here’s a letter straight from the horse’s mouth.



I have placed an order! Gütermann will be available to you by end of this month (happy dance :))


Thy K


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Gutermann Glue Update

Bureaucracy at its best! I’ve been in discussions and has been completely stressed out over this whole situation for the last 10 months! Due to bureaucratic and legal issues, Gutermann changed their adhesive formula to a water-based versus the original solvent-based adhesive. The new formula is opaque like Elmer’s glue. It comes in a smaller tube and is more expensive than the original glue. After months of experiments and gathering reviews, the new Gutermann failed to meet our expectations. In short, the bond of the new Gutermann glue is not strong and there’s been enough non-favorable reviews oversea that my Gutermann rep won’t make it available to me. Luckily, I’m able to get a replacement that’s almost identical to the original Gutermann glue. My Gutermann rep is recommending Hemline glue for pursemaking. He said it’s identical to the original Gutermann HT2 glue. Hemline is very popular and has been selling well in the UK crafting circle. I’m not sure how the glue is identical, because it can’t be, but the Instructions pamphlets for Gutermann and Hemline are identical (except for name change and duration of setting time), which I find it rather strange. And maybe that’s where the “legal” issue of these glue stem from?? Anyway, I don’t know the full story and Gutermann won’t share any more than what’s being published.

IMAG0173 copy 2b
Here’s my review on the Hemline glue. I don’t think the original Gutermann HT2 and Hemline are identical, besides the same instruction of usage, because the Hemline glue is actually better. What??? Yep, much better I said! There’s no smell to the Hemline…yayyyyy!!










The setting time is at least 3X as long but the bond is MUCH STRONGER. REMEMBER to adjust your routine and give adequate time for the glue to set and you’ll find that it works better than the Gutermann HT2. longer setting time copy 4


The included 3 plastic application tips allow you to cut the opening as wide, narrow, or slanted to your preference. The drawback to that is that you’ll have to remove the application tip in order to cap the tube. Major complaint with that is losing valuable glue that’s left in the application tip. My advice is to puncture and make a wide hole at the tube opening so that unused glue in the plastic tip can flow back into the tube more easily. Be careful not to cut the applicator tip too wide or large.

Hemline wide opening Make wide opening/hole at tube.

various applicator tips

Cut a small opening that is about the same size as the original Gutermann HT2 glue metal tip for ease of use.

birdseye view of applicators

Hemline stand up

After removing the plastic tip, you can wash the tip clean with water. I use a toothpick to pick and scrape clean the inside of the tip. Lastly, I find the elasticity of the Hemline not as stringy and easier to work with than the Gutermann. In all, I like the Hemline better after thorough experiments with both glue.

Give Hemline glue a try! I welcome any feedback or questions. Please feel free to contact me directly at



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So Excited For These Duskcoat Gunmetal (TM) of a Finish!!!!!

Are you ready? I love, love, love, LOVE them!!! Did I mention I love them?! Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM) has got to be my favorite finish! Hints of iridescent purples and greens, a rich and deep charcoal that’s both mysterious and exotic. Now even better with LOOPS for its matching purse chains. Yep, you heard it right….loops AND matching chains!


You can find 8×3 Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM) frames here



Matching chains



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Trick or treat

Dress warm and remember to accessorize. Have a ghoulish and happy Halloween!!


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Our 10,000th Etsy cart winner is ….

… a university student!   Who here doesn’t have starving college days that they can recall?  Man, I used to make it work for the weekend when my cheap meal plan didn’t cover it.  I’d get a rotisserie chicken for $3.99, a lime, and a cucumber and make it last for all my meals for the weekend!  That’s $5 for food for the whole weekend.  I just remember being hungry during all my university years.

I couldn’t be happier for her because she was timely and also “played it” well.  Knowing that the shop was within sight of hitting 10,000 Doryn went ahead and bought many different frames to try out along with the PDF, thereby securing her spot!  Her cart totaled $145 so she got the 10,000th item – the PDF! – free as well as $100 off her cart.

And wouldn’t you know it, but Doryn is from New Jersey!  What a coincidence.  I had asked some questions about Doryn, so read our Q&A.

Q:  Can you tell me a bit about you?

A:  I am studying environmental law and policy.  The curriculum prepares me for law school if I decide to become an environmental lawyer.  I can also become an environmental consultant for a company and then my job would be to ensure the company is functioning within current federal and state environmental regulations.  I’ve loved Star Trek for as long as I can remember and I’m also a Patrick Stewart fangirl 🙂 I’m naturally more of a ‘thinker’ than a ‘doer’; I’d rather ponder over ideas and theories than test them. I’ve also been told that I’m highly analytical, though I don’t think that’s true (I’m just good at pretending I am, ha!)

Q:  Do you have a shop?

A:  Not yet, but I do plan on launching one within next few months.

Q:  Do you like to craft?

A:  Love it, it’s nice to let creativity flow. In addition to sewing, I knit, crochet and draw/sketch.  I’m relatively new to sewing, I’ve only been sewing for a year and a half. I find it to be therapeutic and I use it as a way to de-stress and focus when my mind is jumbled. I also love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I’ve finished a project that is unique and completely me. I will be using these frames to make bridesmaid’s clutches for my cousin’s wedding and prom clutches for my younger friends.

A wristlet by Doryn.

A wristlet by Doryn.

Doryn made this pen roll.

Doryn made this pen roll.

Q:  How did you hear about WhileBabyNaps?

A:  I was searching for frames that I could use to make the bridesmaid’s clutches for my cousin’s wedding. I came across your shop on Etsy and I saw how much pride you take in your items and the amount of work you’ve put into making these frames top-grade. When I realized you supported those businesses who use your frames, that you were a jeweler, AND from New Jersey, I knew I had to have them!

Q:  How did you hear about the 10,000th item promotion?  

A:  I’ll admit I’m one of those people who puts tons of items in their cart, and leaves them there so I can mull over the possible purchase. I was finally preparing to checkout when I decided to look over your shop again and I saw the 10,000th item banner! It was an opportunity too good to pass up! Thank you, Winn!

I like her spunk!

I like her spunk!

Congrats, Doryn.  I hope you enjoy making your clutches for your cousins and friends.  We all look forward to seeing your shop of sewn good and crafts.  My thanks to each and every customer on Etsy (and from the webstore)!


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We did it! 10,000th item on Etsy sold!!!

It’s been 12 years since I started my LLC and my businesses, and it’s been a little over 3 years since I’ve been on Etsy, but I just hit the 10,000th item sold!!!  We’ve got a winner ladies and gents.  I could not be any happier to celebrate this huge milestone with you all.  Details will come soon on the winner.  🙂

Thank you, thank you, to all.

Thank you, thank you, to all.

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Get some swag – $200!

As mentioned before in a previous post, when I get asked to be a sponsor, I really have to weigh the value of what I give to what I get in return.  I’d go broke if I said yes to everything.  But as my company’s motto is “Putting Women in Business”, I always find a way to make it work when it comes to workshops that teach women a new skill.  I was asked to be a sponsor for an inaugural sewing event that took place a couple of weeks ago in North Carolina.  Though it was a small group, Sew South made a big impact for all attendees.  The enthusiasm from these ladies is amazing and you can see the skills they learned, the friends they met, and the good times they had at this sewing retreat.  Check out all photos at this Flickr group.   Here’s a snapshot of some of the photos:

Flickr_ The Sew South Retreat Pool

Take a look at the new clutches made from the attendees, most of whom were new to making clutches.

The demographics of the group that attended:
  • women of all ages  (25-65)
  • women of all skill levels (some sewing for 6 months, some for 20 years)
  • women from around the country (from California to North Carolina, Wisconsin to Florida – even someone from San Juan Puerto Rico!)
  • over half of the attendees are bloggers

sew south DSCN7836

Even though this retreat was limited to 50 participants, Jennifer, the founder, has opened up a free swag drawing for everyone — including you, my customers and blog readers.  Enter here at Sew South Retreat website to win this loot worth $200.  There will be 3 lucky winners.

sew south swag DSCN7876

Good luck and I hope one of you get it!!!  If you do, let me know.

Winn 🙂

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Celebrating a Milestone: 10,000th item on Etsy

To celebrate and to thank you for our huge milestone coming up, I am giving the customer — whose order basket (ie Etsy cart) which contains the 10,000th item sold — the order FREE up to $100.00 total, not including shipping.  You only have to pay for the shipping, but everything else in your cart will be FREE.  Thy will refund your purchase at the time of shipment.

On our way!

On our way!

We are currently at 9793 items sold, so we are close.  I want to give you all the heads-up.  There’s nothing to do on your part.  There’s really no planning either since we don’t know how many will be bought on any given day.  We have no idea when we will get there but I suspect it will be within a month.  You may want to keep close tabs soon as the sales numbers get closer …

Whose Etsy cart will have the 10,000th item?

Whose Etsy cart will have the 10,000th item?

Good luck to the eventual winner!  I will post back on the details when that happens.  Until then, thank you to every single one of you for your loyalty, support and gentle prodding through the past 2.5 years on Etsy.  You’ve helped to guide me down the right path.

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How to sell your clutches with an in-home crafts fair.

I get all sorts of emails from my wonderful and loyal customers, and sometimes there is great information that I think other customers can benefit from.  Like Erin who offered her great tips about selling at arts and crafts fairs so that others could benefit from, Susan of Lulu Caswell has graciously offered some tips for you to have success selling clutches at your in-home crafts fair.

With two years of selling her clutches at her house, Susan has wonderful helpful tips.  In fact, she sells the majority of her clutches off the Net!  Here are some tips:

1. Invite other craftsters to display their goods in your home.  More will come when you have a house party for handmade clutches, jewelry, and quilts (for examples) than just clutches alone.  Susan sold nearly $1000 in clutches on one Sunday from 12-4pm!  With this, she was able to pay off her husband’s tuition for one month.  GO Susan!!!

2. Promote amongst your friends via your social networks of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc…  Be sure to ask them to come (don’t be shy!) and to share the post with their friends.   How about “Hey, I would love for you to come.  I would really appreciate your support and would love to see you and catch up over some munchies while you check out all the goodies!  If you cannot come, I would appreciate your support by sharing this post on your Wall with your friends.”

3.  Go on to Etsy and solicit other local craftsters/artisans to display their goods at your in-home crafts fair.  Susan didn’t know most of them, but that didn’t deter her from asking them to participate in her second year.  She had 6 other vendors join her at her home and about 40-50 guests who came, even some customers from the previous year.  These things build so hopefully she will have even more attend next year.

4.  To get more foot traffic and eyes, create a flyer and post them at local churches, at the kids’ schools, and at the local community hall.  Ask the other vendors to do their share of posting the flyers and promoting the event to their network of friends.

5.  For a smaller, intimate affair, do an evening show with just your clutches and serve wine and cheese.  Email it to ALL your girlfriends and ask them to pass the email to a girlfriend and to bring a girlfriend!

Selling your clutches at your home is just another avenue for you.  It is one that costs very little (take out that folding table and throw a nice sheet to cover as table linen!) yet is one that will allow customers to get to know you.   People buy from people, and this direct selling has worked for the biggest companies like Avon, Mary Kay, and Lia Sophia.

Take a look at some of the pictures from her last in-home craft fair.

Susan's sumptuous table of clutches.  Look at all the variety of colors and textures!

Susan’s sumptuous table of clutches. Look at all the variety of colors and textures!

This paper maker did really well.

This paper maker did really well.

This craft fair was held before the holidays.  These would make great gifts for a little girl!

This craft fair was held before the holidays. These would make great gifts for a little girl!

The woodworker also sold really well!

The woodworker also sold really well!

I can smell these scents through my screen!

I can smell these scents through my screen!

The woodworker, the baker, and the candlestick maker?  :)  The baker brought her goodies, too!

The woodworker, the baker, and the candlestick maker? 🙂 The baker brought her goodies, too!

I want to thank Susan for her generosity in sharing these tips with her fellow clutch makers.  If you are a fellow artisan in the Fall River, MA area, be sure to contact Susan at her shop to plan the next in-home craft fair.  You’ll be glad you did!

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Bridesmaids Clutches

In time for the Spring bride and bridesmaid, these gorgeous hand-made clutches will be the final touch for the wedding party.  Made by Natalie, these clutches are just a few of the wedding-related items available at her shop, Paperflora.  She makes the most exquisite hand-cut, hand-seared, and hand-beaded fabric flowers, too!

Look at the inner fabric!  What a way to remind you of your big day!

Look at the inner fabric! What a way to remind you of your big day!

These bridesmaid clutches are embellished with Natalie's hand-made fabric flowers.

These bridesmaid clutches are embellished with Natalie’s hand-made fabric flowers.

Pretty ruffled clutch with chain.

Pretty ruffled clutch with chain.

A great combo gift for the Spring bride.  Open the clutch for a little heartfelt surprise.

A great combo gift for the Spring bride. Open the clutch for a little heartfelt surprise.

Check Natalie’s shop for these and other clutches and bridal gifts.  If you have a friend who will be a Spring or Summer bride, be sure to share this!

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