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Gutermann Glue Update

Bureaucracy at its best! I’ve been in discussions and has been completely stressed out over this whole situation for the last 10 months! Due to bureaucratic and legal issues, Gutermann changed their adhesive formula to a water-based versus the original solvent-based adhesive. The new formula is opaque like Elmer’s glue. It comes in a smaller tube and is more expensive than the original glue. After months of experiments and gathering reviews, the new Gutermann failed to meet our expectations. In short, the bond of the new Gutermann glue is not strong and there’s been enough non-favorable reviews oversea that my Gutermann rep won’t make it available to me. Luckily, I’m able to get a replacement that’s almost identical to the original Gutermann glue. My Gutermann rep is recommending Hemline glue for pursemaking. He said it’s identical to the original Gutermann HT2 glue. Hemline is very popular and has been selling well in the UK crafting circle. I’m not sure how the glue is identical, because it can’t be, but the Instructions pamphlets for Gutermann and Hemline are identical (except for name change and duration of setting time), which I find it rather strange. And maybe that’s where the “legal” issue of these glue stem from?? Anyway, I don’t know the full story and Gutermann won’t share any more than what’s being published.

IMAG0173 copy 2b
Here’s my review on the Hemline glue. I don’t think the original Gutermann HT2 and Hemline are identical, besides the same instruction of usage, because the Hemline glue is actually better. What??? Yep, much better I said! There’s no smell to the Hemline…yayyyyy!!










The setting time is at least 3X as long but the bond is MUCH STRONGER. REMEMBER to adjust your routine and give adequate time for the glue to set and you’ll find that it works better than the Gutermann HT2. longer setting time copy 4


The included 3 plastic application tips allow you to cut the opening as wide, narrow, or slanted to your preference. The drawback to that is that you’ll have to remove the application tip in order to cap the tube. Major complaint with that is losing valuable glue that’s left in the application tip. My advice is to puncture and make a wide hole at the tube opening so that unused glue in the plastic tip can flow back into the tube more easily. Be careful not to cut the applicator tip too wide or large.

Hemline wide opening Make wide opening/hole at tube.

various applicator tips

Cut a small opening that is about the same size as the original Gutermann HT2 glue metal tip for ease of use.

birdseye view of applicators

Hemline stand up

After removing the plastic tip, you can wash the tip clean with water. I use a toothpick to pick and scrape clean the inside of the tip. Lastly, I find the elasticity of the Hemline not as stringy and easier to work with than the Gutermann. In all, I like the Hemline better after thorough experiments with both glue.

Give Hemline glue a try! I welcome any feedback or questions. Please feel free to contact me directly at




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  1. Sounds like guerman has shot themselves in the foot. Will take your recomendations and use hemline.
    David Mashburn

    Comment by David Mashburn | August 31, 2016 | Reply

    • It’s great hearing from you, David! Yes, it does seem like Gutermann has gotten themselves into a tight spot and was forced to change the glue formula. I’m in constant contact with them to see what I can do to help. However, there won’t be any new news for at least another year. In the meantime, we’ve found a fabulous replacement. I just overnighted 6 tubes of Hemline to someone rushing to finish her daughter’s wedding dress. She absolutely loves the Hemline glue. If you’re working with just fabric then this is the glue for you. If you’re gluing fabric onto metal or vice versa then the Hemline is the best choice as well.

      I look forward to hearing from you soon. Feel free to contact me anytime via Etsy convo or


      Comment by Thy Khuong | September 9, 2016 | Reply

  2. Thank you for the update! Looking forward to buying it from you and using it for my new projects! You are awesome!

    Comment by Jannet | August 31, 2016 | Reply

    • Hi Jing! You’ll love this glue. I’ll keep my eyes open for your order. By the way, love the fabric selection and your craftsmanship! The backpack, aprons, cellphone holders, and the overnight bags……how cute are they!!???!!!


      Comment by Thy Khuong | September 9, 2016 | Reply

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