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30% OFF coordinating NEW antique brass chains

As a thank you for signing up to receive my blog posts, I just listed my new antique brass purse frame with loops and the coordinating antique brass purse chain.  I am offering 30% off the listed price of the antique brass purse chain:  when you buy the antique brass frame, you will get 30% off the antique brass chain to go with it.

With Etsy’s shop redesign, I find that my shop announcement gets lost.  (And let’s admit, I can be quite loquacious!)  Soooo…  I’ve been asking all 1000+ of you Etsy customers to sign up for my email subscriptions to get updates here from my blog so you get the latest and greatest scoop on everything.  (I’ve also included my pro’s who buy in bulk and don’t buy at my Etsy store.)

It’s my way of getting your ear about new interface, new frames, marketing tools, and technical tips, etc…  because I’m not in it to just sell you cheap frames.  I’m in it to help you start your own businesses from the PDF instructions to frames, glue, interface, etc… I have customers who buy a PDF from me in April — and by May — will start buying in bulk!  Those local craft markets are great to sell lots of clutches!!!

You will see that I’ve also designed the purse chain here with lobster claw closures — something your necklaces also have.  These closures are more costly due to the parts involved in making them, but other closures will break over time and are just awkward to use and not very chic.

New antique brass frame with loops

30% OFF coordinating chain when you buy the antique brass frame

Since this is limited to the first 200 chains, please convo me on Etsy for a custom listing, so that I can manage the discount and combined shipping.  You will not need to wait for the refund because I’ll take it right off the top.

So buy any number of antique brass frame with loops, and get the coordinating antique brass clutch chain for 30% OFF.  Offer is effective as soon as this blog post hits your email box and ends after the first 200 antique brass chains are sold.

*Please note that I ask all of my customers to purchase this at my ETSY shop, so that I can manage the number sold.  (My webstore sales are unlimited so I often oversell on the promotion.)

Don’t know how to get a Custom Listing?

1.  Click here to get to my Esty shop:

2.  If you haven’t signed up to have an Etsy account, please sign up, which takes 2-3 minutes.

3. Below the pic of my puppy Pax, click on “Contact” which will enter you to Etsy’s internal communications route called “Convo”.  Don’t worry, it’s just like email within Etsy.

4.  Drop a note of how many antique brass frames with loops you will need.  (*Please note any additional needs such as other nickel-free purse frames(TM) or Gutermann glue.)

I will reply back via the Etsy convo with a link to your custom listing for your entire order.  This will include the coordinating antique brass chains at 30% off the listed price as well as combined shipping for your entire order.

5.  Click the link, order, and pay.

Etsy customers are used to this, but my non-Etsy customers may feel intimidated, but no worries.  I have custom listings made multiple times every week!  It’s easy and you don’t have to wait for a refund.


September 30, 2010 - Posted by | SALES and PROMOTIONS

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