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Thank YOU!!!!

Thank you for all of you who have purchased my Snappy(TM) Clutch Wallet PDF and my upcycled purse frames at my store!!!!

Upcycling evolved out of recycling.  Upcycling “is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new products of a higher environmental value.”

This is great video explaining the trend of upcycling:

By offering a new design – my Snappy(TM) Wallet Clutch – I am able to re-use a subset of my useless, defective frames in a way that results in a new product that is better on the environment (it doesn’t have to be re-melted, or stripped using harsh industrial chemicals and solvents, etc…) and gives YOU a bigger profit margin.  You now have a new product to add to your product line at a different price point!

I know you all have been hoarding (there’s a show for that … :)) a stash of beloved scrap fabric, so now is the time to get those amazing little bits out and use them!  Those of you who can only have access to quilting cotton, now this is the perfect solution!

Learn all about upcycling trends.

It’s been a roaring success right out of the gate, and my research has paid off!

Here’s a post specifically about the upcycling trend by Etsy artists!

So thank you, thank you, for helping me to upcycle my beautiful frames that simply didn’t make the cut for  I would love to post pics of Snappy(TM) Wallet Clutches in a future post to see the many kinds of fabric designs out there!  So convo me with those pics or email me.  (I can’t re-post my email here since I’ve been getting spammers…)

Best ~ Winn


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