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20% off your entire cart SALE – Raincheck

WOW!  I can’t thank you guys enough for all the wonderful and heartfelt “welcome back” notes in via the convos and “Message to Seller” in your check outs.  Thank you, again, for the thoughts and prayers for our Grandma.  And thank you, for your loyalty during our shop closure to tend to our family.

Oh, thought you might like this pic of my son Ethan showing his Great Gram pictures of family on the iPad.  She was like “This thing takes pictures?  This records videos, too?  It must be really expensive.”  When I told her how much the iPad was, she said “I can buy a lot of land with that!”  🙂

Amazing to think what she has witnessed in nearly a century!

Many of you have asked about our 20% OFF total purchase sale and specifically taking rainchecks for items currently out of stock or sold out.  I wanted to clarify it for those still unclear.  Just like any brick-and-mortar retailer, I also offer a raincheck.  What does this mean for you?

*A “raincheck” is when you pay at a sale price for item(s) that are not currently in stock or are sold out due to the sale.  In other words, if the shop had those items, you’d be able to cart it out with you to the minivan (or insert cool ride you have here).  What, I’m the only with a minivan??  🙂  I digress … but since they don’t have said item(s) (not your fault) you still qualify for the sale price, but you’ll just get those items when they come back into stock.

*Sale ends at midnight EST on November 20, 2011.

*… BUT with Etsy’s convo system and the nature of the back-and-forth communication of custom orders, I am allowing for convos asking for a custom listing with details on what you want sent in by that deadline to qualify for the 20% off sale.  Even if we do not nail down 100% what you want, you will qualify as that was submitted before the deadline.  It’s as if you’re at the store and there are long lines and only 2 registers open, and you’re the 8th person in line with a cart full of things and the shop will close in 10 minutes.  But once your Custom Listing is up, you must pay within 48 hours or your order will be cancelled.  (We convo you with a link to let you know that your custom listing is up.)

I miss Target. I miss Costco, too!

*Your order will be shipped altogether in one shipment when they all come in. (4-6 weeks).  If you want to break the order up and ship them as they are available (same shipping options that Amazon allows), your shipping costs will go up accordingly.  Just let us know.  We will only charge what it costs to ship, not the time spent to ship multiple packages.

One more note, thank you for your loyalty and orders.  I want to reiterate clearly that this sale of this magnitude only happens once a year on the anniversary of my shop (11/11).  Under the legal guidelines, I cannot extend the sale to orders placed, paid or shipped prior to the sale, and it will not be extended past the end of the sale (barring the note about convos submitted by the deadline above).  If you have a Custom Listing that has been made per your request, please pay ASAP.  All custom listings not paid after the sale will be deleted.

Please keep in mind Christmas time and gift giving:  start making your clutches and have them ready to sell for Black Friday.  I would highly recommend planning your order and ordering what you need.   Remember that as long as they are unused and in same new condition as was shipped to you, if you have excess that you want to return or you simply changed your mind, I accept returns for any reason for 30 days.  You will get a full refund minus the shipping fees paid. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made to the sale terms.  So please plan well and order OR convo us with what you need.

Now, once I get out from under this mountain of to-do’s, I will be shopping for fabric.  YAY!  Something to look forward to!  I will take pics.  I will sell the fabric.  I’ll get on it.  It’s on my list …  several of you have asked and I thank you for liking my taste!

~Talk soon!

Winn  🙂


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Debuting new 3×1.5 nickel-free design

Once again, thank you for your kind and thoughtful emails and convos.  My sisters and I are very touched by your notes and feel very privileged to have your friendship, loyalty, and prayers.

We have also received all your convos requesting Custom Orders to take advantage of the 2nd year anniversary sale.   Please be patient as Thy just got back to the US after a long journey (it takes 20-24 hours) and she is quite exhausted.  She will be setting up the Custom Listings and you will be notified via the convo that you sent when it is up and ready to go!  The shop will re-open on November 17th as per my previous posts and shop announcements.

I wanted to let you know first about the new production of the 3×1.5 nickel-free coin purse frames.  A minor adjustment was made:  the new kisslock balls are now 9mm.  This is the same size balls as the wallet-sized 4.5×3 purse frames.  Many of you who have used this size for these years will know that I went from small to big, and now it’s in the middle.  Why the change?  My specs were not followed (why, why, why?!?!?)  and I did not want to re-do the entire the production which would cause extra time for production (I mean, you can’t snap them off and put new kisslocks on …) not to mention the costs of manufacturing in re-acquiring more metal, production time, and new plating.  But they match the 4.5×3 size and look so awesome and just like puppies, I fell in love and kept them.  Couldn’t turn them away…. I think you will like these little buggers as much as I do!  Take a look:

3x1.5 nickel-free purse frame

Hey, one day I'll grow up to be like my older brother! Here's me next to the 4.5x3!

Uh oh, here's BIG brother 8x3 strutting his stuff! Arggggg....

One last note, in order for me to make changes to the shop such as listings and for Thy to create Custom Listings … we have to re-open the shop to use the full functionality.  **Please note that orders will not ship until the 17th and orders put in will take 72 hours to inspect, package, and ship.**  That is, your Custom Listing, though they may be up prior to the 17th and if you’ve paid, the earliest Thy will ship is the 17th.

Thank you for your support.  Please let me know if you have any questions.



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11-11-11 2nd year Anniversary SALE on ETSY!

First, a BIG thank you to all who have written expressing your kind words about my grandmother during her recent bout of weakness.   She is still alive, by the grace of God, and has been able to meaningfully visit with relatives from the US who flew over to spend some time with her:  her daughter and son, her grandchildren.  She still has long moments of lucidity and her humor is in tact.  One time, she kidded with my male cousin who has a pot belly and said “When is he having the baby?”  🙂  These are great blessings and I am truly grateful that I get to spend the last chapter of her life with her.

I wanted to share some personal photos of the these times with you.

My Gram's first embrace with my aunt - her only surviving daughter.

Me and my Gram. She sleeps on a mattress right on the floor. This is where and how I am during my visits: lying right next to her! 🙂

Me, my daughter Hayley, and her Great Gram! The lighting is bad in the pic because there is actually bad lighting in her house. One light source for the entire room via a bare linear flourescent bulb.

Me and Thy visiting.

Gram with 3 grandkids, 1 daughter. There's still a lot of laughter to be had.

Gram with 3 grandkids: me (formerly NJ), Thy (OH), and cousin Sean from Portland, OR.

Hanging with the matriarch. Holding her hand. I am so blessed to have this time with her.

She is still full of life!

So for all of you who have stuck by me through the temporary closing of the shop, through the kind convos and emails, I want to say thank you so much.

The shops, WhileBabyNaps and PurseFramesOutlet, will tentatively re-open as planned on Nov. 17th.  But before then, you may recall that “11” is my favorite number.  On last year’s anniversary, I gave my largest sale to celebrate my anniversary on 10/11/10.  And I mentioned that I would do the same for this year’s anniversary.

…But I am going to do better than last year as a thank you for your support, loyalty and patience through this year’s unforeseen store closing:  I am offering a 20% ALL items in the store.  20% OFF your total purchase.  Yes, this includes frames, kits, PDFs, Gutermann glue.

Here are the Legal terms:

*Due to shops’ temporary closing, the sale will run upon our re-opening.  Sale valid from November 17, 2011 – November 20, 2011 midnight EST.

*No extensions of this yearly sale will be made for payments/orders received after the closing deadline of November 20, 2011 midnight EST.  Get your orders in!

*Good until inventory runs out!  First in, first out.  If I run out prior to the end of the sale, you will be contacted and you can keep your order with the raincheck (see below) until a new production is done, or you can cancel the order.  Your anniversary sale discount will be honored at the SALE price at which you bought it regardless of price fluctuations in the raw metal prices.

*This sale is not retroactive on any previous sales or for any pending sales.

*You must enter code “2ndsale” at check out and you will get 20% OFF your total purchase immediately.

*Items will be shipped within 72 hours of receiving your payment.  We normally ship 99% of items within 24 hours, but due to historical demand during the sale, please allow us 72 hours to inspect, package, and ship your order.  If we will be later than that, we will let you know, but this window will give us time.

*For Custom Listings, just convo and a custom listing will be done for you with 20% OFF and the correct shipping applied.

*If you don’t see a quantity or size listed, it means someone has just ordered it and it has not yet been relisted.  You can wait until it gets re-listed, order it at my webstore or convo me and I can make custom listing for you.

*Sale applicable to frames out of stock but under production as raincheck items (see below).

Raincheck items:

*I just started another new production of frames in various sizes and finishes.  The list is quite big, but if the frames that you want are not in stock but is currently in production, we will extend the 20% sale price if you pay in full by the deadline as stated below.

*Rainchecks will be shipped when your entire order comes in unless you convo us otherwise.  (Items can be shipped as they come in but you will charged shipping each time.)

*Due to the back-n-forth nature of convos, convos requesting custom listings must be sent in before the sale deadline of November 20, 2011 midnight EST.  If we have your convo with a request for a custom listing with items needed and quantity in before that deadline, you qualify for the 20% OFF total purchase.  ALL payments for custom listings must be paid within 48 hours of the Custom Listing going up on Etsy.

My list of to-dos is long and I’m a good 4 weeks behind what I need to get done … but I will never regret not visiting my great Gram.  The work will always be there upon my return!  I will start bringing my sewing machine to my Gram’s house during my visits so I can still sit with her and sew during her naps.  🙂

I thank you, wholeheartedly, for your loyalty and support.


One of my favorite pics! Gram with Thy. 2 pretty girls! 🙂

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