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Find a clutch via Twitter @PurseFrames

Hey guys … just following up on my previous posts so check out the latest Twitter wallpaper that I’ve got up.  It’s amazing how the blog and Facebook fanpage views increase when I post on Twitter.  They all seem to work in concert.

I’m tweeting each clutch that made it on the Facebook fanpage album.  Links given are to the Etsy shop seller’s homepage.  I hope your shop views increases overall and that you get some new buyers!

I tweet about clutches with pics and links to the clutch maker's shops. And I had a tangent about the Golden Globes Awards too ... 🙂

Keep improving your skill and challenge yourself to finesse the aesthetics of your clutches.  Clutches are simple to make but truly talented clutch makers have good craftsmanship and a distinct visual voice and brand.

I’m working right now to update the Clutch PDF tutorial.  New pics and new hints that I will incorporate from previous posts.  The update will be free to those who bought the PDF before.  As usual, you will be the first to hear when it’s done and ready for download.



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