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A Woman in Business

As you may know, my company’s motto is “Putting Women in Business”.  And here’s an amazing woman who has been in the news lately.  She has been really inspirational to me over the last ten+ years.  Kathy Ireland has become a global brand through her hard work and providing solutions to busy moms everywhere.  In the latest Forbes magazine, it notes that she outsells Martha Stewart’s empire by more than double – to the tune of $2 billion worldwide.

Grab a copy of Forbes from your newstands or get this article for free by clicking.

I remember the first time I saw her in an interview and heard her talk on TV.  Kathy was just on the latest Sports Illustrated cover and she had a cast on her leg.  This was in the late 80s I think.  She had an extremely high pitched, squeaky voice at the time.  The male anchor could not stifle his snicker and laughter after her segment ended.  I don’t remember what he said, but it was something akin to “She sure is pretty, but with a voice like that …”  *ugh*

But as you will read, she’s been smart and she’s been successful despite the naysayers.  No one took her seriously because of her looks, her modeling career, and her voice.  I was flabbergasted when Kathy’s company surpassed $1B, but she’s through the stratosphere now.  You know who else is following Kathy’s mold?  Jessica Simpson.

While her net worth is not as high as Kathy Ireland's, her licensing of her image to many brands is breaking the $1 billion barrier.

And they both started small and they both got rejected and not taken seriously.  But they kept at it.  That’s tenacity for you.

I hope you will get inspired by them too!


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Helpful Hints: URLs contained in the Clutch PDF tutorial.

Thank you to a wonderful and loyal gal who brought to my attention a problem with one of the two URLs listed in the tutorial.  It seems that when it’s straight copy and pasted from the PDF, something is amiss in the translation and you end up in the “It seems like you are lost” cul-de-sac.

No, I'm not lost. You took me here.

The URL in question is here on page 23.

Troublesome URL highlighted in blue.

The problems:

1.  What you see on screen and highlighted in the PDF is not what gets copied and subsequently pasted into a new browser window.  Adobe’s copy/paste function is omitting one key character “-”  the dash between “helpful” and “hint”, and also adding extra spaces …. which then routes you to a dead end.  I’ve taken a screen capture below of what is exactly pasted.

Something got messed up ... See how this doesn't match to the URL highlighted in blue above?

2.  Going the other route to access the URL — when you highlight the URL and click on the highlighted portion (in blue) and open in a new browser, Adobe adds a stem at the end for no reason (other than to mess with you).  It adds “Sides” to the end of the URL string.

The solutions:

A.  Type in the URL exactly as you see it.  But this is cumbersome, however, it will work.

B.  In the blog, search “Gutermann glue” in the Search box.  Lots of previous posts will appear, but look for the one with that title and date.  All my blog posts are listed and can be found by date, name, search terms, tags, etc…

C.  OR Follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Highlight the URL in the PDF and click on the highlighted portion as shown.

Step 2.  A pop-up box will appear.  Click “Allow”

See how it adds a stem at the end and doesn't match what you highlighted? This will also lead you to a dead end.

Step 3. When you get to the dead end, go to the URL at the top and erase the word “Sides” that was added at the end.  Hit enter.

I've highlighted the entire URL here in green. Erase just the last portion "Sides".

Step 4.  Now it will lead you to the right post as shown below:

Once the "Sides" wording has been removed, you end up at the right spot.

The other URL is not at all changed by Adobe.  Not sure why one works as-is during the copy/paste, and one doesn’t.

Hope that helps!

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