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Why I’ve muddied up my photos…

Thank you to the few who have kindly contacted me alerting me of stolen photos of my shop.  You’ve got my back and I surely appreciate it!  In today’s digital age, a screen snapshot is all that is needed to steal someone’s intellectual property.  There are even reports about a rising number of ID theft of Facebook identities.   It makes me think twice about having an FB account.  I will surely monitor my kids’ social media when they are of age and are asking to have their own accounts.

So apparently some countries and their countrymen do not honor International Trademarks and Copyrights.   Unlawful, stolen photos of my very distinct frames and photos have popped up on various non-US-based websites wrongfully giving potential buyers the impression that they will be getting the frames (my trademarked and copyrighted frames and photos) as seen in the pictures.   There is no doubt that when buyers receive their orders (if they receive anything at all), they will be sorry to get poor quality, damaged, and untested frames.  I have resisted putting watermarks on my photos for 3 years.  I reasoned that given the very distinct branding of my shop and photos of the frames, surely no one would copy/paste the very same photos.  That would be like stealing from my kids!  Well, they’ve done just that.  They’ve “borrowed” my photos to set up their virtual shops promising unsuspecting buyers the very same frames when that is not possible.  They’ve stolen all my hard work and stolen from my kids and nephews.  My sister and I do this while we raise our kids.  We are not a big company.  It’s me and her and 5 kids between us.

This has left me with many sleepless nights cursing at humanity.  And, truth be told, I’ve had a few more than my share of wine!  So what to do?

I’ve had to muddy up all my photos with watermarks.


No, this will not prevent future photo theft or misrepresentation from others.  To you, the buyer, I can only say clearly that:  All these frames and tutorials are proprietary, copyrighted and trademarked to Khuong LLC (c) 2013 & only sold at and

*I do not resell these to anybody.  I design them based on my research and specifications and it comes from me to you directly:  no intermediaries.

*There is no one representing me, my frames, or my shop.  My designs are proprietary and copyrighted and trademarked.  My trade secrets are just that:  trade secrets that no one knows, just like Colonel Sander’s chicken recipe.

*Anyone is possession of my photos, whether in the US or otherwise, are in violation of intellectual property.  This is fraudulent.

*Whether or not the photos were watermarked before is immaterial to the violation of use.  All rights are reserved on my copyrights and trademarks and that includes the photos.

*Anyone who represents themselves with my photos alleging that they can produce the same product in the photos is misrepresenting themselves.

*Anyone who represents themselves as making these frames for me are also misrepresenting themselves.  I have binding contracts with my business partners and they’ve been my trusted and valued business partners for years.

I design these frames based on years of research.  I have been and continue the #1 US seller of purse frames because I value my customers, provide them with a skill and business opportunities, and I make fine frames.  I stand by the quality of my frames and will make it right for you if anything escapes on my watch.  I am in it for the long haul.  And while I may miss a few sales from unsuspecting customers who fall prey to these fraudulent hucksters, I would hope that my good deeds will be my karma.

That is the hope.




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