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Purse frame inventory status: ANTIQUE BRASS 8×3 – BOTH styles are in!!!

At last, they are here.  And they are FABULOUS!  They are so great that I’m starting a new production because I am going to stock up as many of these as I can!!!!

I’m going to be a hoarder of these frames!  Don’t turn me in!

The 8×3 antique brass are in.  I have them in with loops and no loops.

Check them out!

8x3 antique brass purse frame. AT LAST!!! The right tone - a beautiful finish!!!

They will be inspected starting tonight at 9pm!! Ready to ship tomorrow!

For those who have been patiently waiting …. THANK YOU!  These are FABULOUS!  It took me 5 different plating companies to get it right, but …  how fabulous are these??

No scratches, no nothing.

Not too dark.

Not spotty.

Not too brassy.

Not too orangy.

Not too golden.

Not too antique so that it just looks, well, old.

Just pure gleam!


I am sorry that I cursed you Antique Br*ss,

As you are no longer my pain in the *ss.




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