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Arts and Crafts Fairs info for Fall 2011.

I know many of you have heeded my advice and have registered to show and sell your clutches at local/regional arts and crafts fairs.  I wanted to update you on some good information that my sister Y, who helps run, has provided.  As you know, PurseFramesOutlet is literally our sister shop where we sell upcycled purse frames that did not meet our QC process.

Here is a great article on the pro’s and con’s between juried and non-juried arts and crafts show.  This author does a superb job explaining the difference and  offering you great tips to get your clutches ready for a juried show.  Personally, I prefer juried shows because:

*It’s a good bang for your buck!  In addition to selling some merchandise there, you can advertise and promote your clutches as having been accepted to show at XY juried show.  That is a great plus!

*The quality is built in.  Juries have screened all vendors and have a good mix there.  As a jeweler as well, I’ve been to shows where I would be up against 25 other jewelers!  Juried shows balance out the type of vendors showing providing the right mix.

*Juried shows typically have higher-priced goods sold.  (Their entry/table fees are typically higher so that weeds out many.)  This allows you to sell your clutches at very competitive prices.  You will also see that you are often the only 1 of 2 handmade clutch makers there.  This is still in its infancy.

“Juried” shows just means that a jury of people (2 or more judges comprised of other artists or people who know about the crafts) pick out who they let in to be a seller/vendor at their show.  They have to balance the types of vendors at their venue, pick out the best vendors, and weed out any suppliers who do not meet their criteria.  ALL shows that I’ve been to have had a plethora of jewelry vendors.  Seeing a clutch handbag maker at a show is like seeing a panda:  there’s just not that many of them and you have to be at the right place.  So your chances of being accepted into a juried show is great!

Here is a list of the Editor’s Picks on the best Juried Crafts Fairs in the country.  Click on the hyperlink or pic to see if there is one near you.  Dates are also listed.

Is there one near you?

This is also another good source.  The Art Fair Calendar and the Artist Galleries do not require a paid subscription to view.

The following are links to the top 3 places to find an art/craft festival near you.

1. – We like this because it also lists Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Virgin Islands.  Who’s going???  🙂


3. – Click on the map to find one in your state.  This also has awesome resources and articles such as “What Makes a Crafts Show Successful?”

There are also many of you who sell specifically to the bridal market.  Here are two resources for bridal shows!

1. – This is the big kahuna.  You can find bridal shows all over the world!  Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa …  (I’m name-dropping for my international customers!)  🙂

2. – This is limited to California, Chicago, and Washington DC.  California is HUGE for the bridal market!

I always love a good arts and crafts fair.  Nothing like wearing a pair of comfy shoes, cold iced coffee in hand, and walking from booth to booth.  I LOVE talking to the vendors and artists.  Love hearing their vision, passion, and knowledge of their craft.  Here is one of my favorite purchases, bought 8 years+ ago at an arts fair in New Jersey.

Handmade by 2 great ladies. Made from scraps of upholstery fabric. The fringe is luscious. This thing weighs a ton and keeps me toasty!

I hope the links provided are helpful to you.  Have some fun on a Sunday afternoon by going to your local crafts fair!  Bring cash  🙂


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