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Shipping from Columbus, Ohio!

Hi all!  It’s with great excitement that I let you all know that we are just about done with our transition of the business.  Thy (“T”), my older sister, who lives Powell, Ohio right outside of Columbus is taking over all the shipping for my businesses as I get my kids ready for our own move abroad.

Other than some loose ends, most of the inventory that has been in transit is at her house and being organized.  Speaking of organization, take a look at her office!

Recognize the green and brown? Same office system!

So all orders will ship from her house from now on.

All marketing, sales, and promotions will continue to be done by me, yours truly.  In fact, unless it has to do with a custom listing or shipment of an order, it’ll all be me who you’ll hear from.

Convo us as you would normally and one or both of us will answer you depending on your needs.

Shipping costs are the same prices and time since we use Priority Mail flat rate ensuring that you’ll get what you need in the quickest, most cost-effective manner.

What’s on my docket this week and beyond:

1.  Taxes!!!!  *ughhhhh*  I don’t serve in the military (my niece does) … so I think that paying my taxes is the most patriotic thing that I can do!  I just hate the paperwork involved …

2.  List new purse chains and frames that have been designed and produced!  New 9×3 and 10×3 frames at my Etsy shop are up.

***Oh, check out the new 10×3 nickel-free frames.  Same Perfect Fit 6(TM) u-channel and kisslock balls.  I am SOLD OUT of the 10×3 nickel-free kisslock with loops and will have them back in production in 3-4 weeks, but these are the same without the loops.  They are also priced lower as it costs less to make them!  (The  frames with loops require the welding of the loops and that raises my labor costs in addition to the cost of metal.)

Same frame as before, but no loops.

3.  Getting the DiamondCut(TM) brushed antique brass ready for sale.  As these are custom and hand-finished, it takes longer than to just post them.  I need to build up the stock so that orders will be shipped out quickly!

4.  Finally get to launching the PurseFramesOutlet business.  As my main business is WhileBabyNaps, I cannot start on this new exciting venture until I’m fully transitioned off of the shipping and my own office is organized.

Thank you for your support and excitement with all the new frame sizes and styles!   These are great offerings to have in your line of clutches as you get ready for the Spring arts and craft shows.  🙂


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