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Flowers for you ladies … FREE and virtual!

I just cut 5 vases worth of rhododendrons, peonies, and lilac.  My neighbors got a vase each and I have 3 in my front entryway and kitchen and dining rooms.

If you guys were my neighbors … I’d run a vase over to you, too!  Just leave the vase on the front porch when they’re done!  🙂

Some things are well worth the wait, and flowers are one of them!  I know you all work very hard every day.  Many, many of you have 2 jobs:  your corporate or office  job (nursing, teaching, too!), and then your crafty side business(es).  I don’t know how you do it!  And you may be raising kids, too, just like me.  And I find that gardening has really been beneficial for my mental health!  It brings me such joy to get dirt under my nails and reap the bounty of beautiful flowers that I can cut and give to others.  It gets me out there in the fresh air and sun and takes my mind off everything else.

Waiting for them to bloom is not fun … quite anti-climatic for a while and then BOOM! (or BLOOM, rather) I get a bunch of gorgeous and fragrant flowers that all the neighbors appreciate.  What once was a strip of hard compacted soil, has yielded a profusion of color and fragrance!  All from my own two hands!

I wish you all could enjoy these.  So for my NJ customers who live near me, feel free to convo me through one of your past orders to come by and I’ll clip some peonies for you!  I have these beautiful gecko glasses that I bought in NYC Central Park 8 years ago from a street artist that I can put them in for you.  The gecko glasses are made from recycled Heineken beer bottles.  I can put 3 peonies in one.  It’s all free of charge so convo me and stop on by!  I’m close to Rt. 10, 280, 287, 24 …  Would love to meet you and send you on your way with some beautiful peonies.  (Kathleen, the grower that I bought these from charges $20 for 3 cut stems!  They’re worth it though …)

Take a look!

Vase #2

Vase #1

Left is vase #3

vase #3

Vase #4

I should have blooms for another 2 weeks or so.  Then my Asiatic lilies will begin to show.  I’ll be sure to post pics of those.

So thanks for your continued and repeat business.  I love looking at the order list and seeing very familiar names come up!  🙂  Best feeling in the world!

If you’re near me, convo me and trek over for some peonies as my thanks for your business.  If you’re not near me, I hope these virtual arrangements will do!

Enjoy your holiday weekend.  Gotta run outside on this bright and sunny Saturday to play with the kids.  🙂


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Literally stopping to smell the flowers!

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Wherever you are, I hope you will take the long weekend to enjoy it with your loved ones.  Put your sewing, cutting, stitching, and gluing down and go out and have fun!  The mind needs a rest from the work and you’ll need to recharge to get your creativity juices back when you return!

I stopped to smell the flowers today.  Briefly, at lunchtime … but I stopped!  🙂

Here are some pics of my peonies that finally bloomed after 3 years of planting.  They are from a grower in Bernardsville, NJ who imported them in from China years ago.  She has the greatest variety of peonies in the US.  She’s an amazing grower and turned her acres into a peony garden.  Check her out at  Kathleen has been instrumental in teaching me about peonies.  She was gracious enough to let my 3 kids run around her massive garden and swing on the giant tire swing.

Her varieties are more expensive than your Home Depot brand and take 3 years to bloom.  But they require no work other than the initial amending of the soil when you first put them in.  At the end of the fall, I just snip the entire plant down to the last inch and watch them grow back the next year.  The best part?  They are deer resistant!  And I get deer all year round — they’ll come right up and to my front yard into my gardens!

My peonies last about 6 weeks, compared to other big box shop peonies that last only 2 weeks.  I get vases of fresh cut flowers for about 2 months!  YAY 🙂

So here are some pics to inspire you to get out and smell the flowers.  And yes, I’m pimping out Pax again in these pics.  He’s just too cute and is so photogenic!

This side is starting to bloom!

My rhododendrons made their mark this year! These were from CostCo 3 years ago!

Peonies, lilac, and marigolds!

Lilacs smell wonderful!

Right side showing some beautiful color!

Left side beds. I planted 23 herbaceous peonies, 120 Asiatic lilies, and 5 flats of marigolds!

Another shot of the front floral beds. Got the vase to cut some lilacs!

I only cut enough for my small vase from TJ Maxx! I like to leave as many blooms out as I can so that I don't completely denude my front gardens. I cut the older blooms first and fill it up as I go.

Two of my favorite Ps: Pax and Peonies!

Lilacs from my "rescued" lilac bush. It was on its deathbed 3 years ago, but has since recovered to give me fragrant blooms for several weeks! 🙂

Hope these flowers give you all inspiration for fabrics and designs for late spring and summer clutches!  Joann’s will have its GREAT sale so take a look at their fabrics this weekend and take advantage of their sales.  Don’t forget your coupon for 50% off one cut of fabric!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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