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Shipping Policy and 2012 Rates

USPS raises rates yearly and 2012 rates were effective January 22, 2012.  (All photos courtesy of

BEFORE YOU BUY, it’s worth repeating: As per Etsy policy as well, I am not responsible for lost packages. Once it leaves my hands, it’s out of my hands.  We hate lost shipments as much as you do:  we spend our time and money to make the frames, inspect, package, ship and track and when a package doesn’t arrive, we are upset that all our hard work is for naught.  And when you don’t get your package, you understandably get upset because you paid – and waited – and didn’t receive your package and now want a refund for items you didn’t receive.  However, you would still be short on the shipping fee.  And we would be short of the time and money we spent on the frames and glue and packaging.  We are both out of luck and the only party that makes any money – and coincidentally the one to blame – is USPS.

…Therefore, to avoid this unfortunate situation, the only way to ensure that when/if your package is lost that you can claim your money is to send it with Signature Confirmation, Insurance or Guaranteed Express Delivery.  Just add a note in your order that you would like to pay for either Signature Confirmation, Insurance, or Guaranteed Express Delivery and we will get the quote from USPS and charge you for it.  NO refunds of goods purchased or the shipping fee paid will be refunded to you when your package does not arrive.  We ship 99% of all orders within 24 hours of receiving payment because we want you to have and start making your clutches.  Signature Confirmation is only a nominal fee around $1-2 extra per package (I think).  With these added services, if your package is lost, you can file a claim and get your money back for the items shipped.  Per USPS we are not able to file a claim: only the recipient (you) can file a claim.  Since 2009, only 3 packages have been lost so this rarely happens.

I combine ship.  This means that if you order several items from me, I will try to fit everything in as few boxes as I can and give you the most economical shipping.  You will be refunded any excess shipping fee that was charged to you in Etsy’s cart.

The shipping program within Etsy makes it very difficult to get the correct shipping rates for the various items in my shop.  Shipping metal purse frames that are heavy and that come in many sizes is most economical via a flat rate Priority Mail box.  Shipping Gutermann glue, while extremely light, but takes up precious space when added in with the frames makes this task even harder for Etsy to have the correct shipping rates applied.  Below are the boxes used along with rates and dimensions.

1st tier – small flat rate Priority Mail

US:  $5.35

Canada and Mexico:  $12.95

All other countries:  $16.95

2nd tier – medium flat rate Priority Mail – **Best bang for your buck for US customers**

US:  $11.35

Canada and Mexico:  $32.95

All other countries:  $47.95

3rd tier – large flat rate Priority Mail – **Best bang for your buck for all other countries outside of US**

US:  $15.45

Canada and Mexico:  $39.95

All other countries:  $60.95

The key is:  whatever I can fit in the smallest box, I will try to fit.

My recommendation:  plan your purchases and save on shipping!


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