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New antique brass and GoldenLock(TM) purse chains for your clutches.

Well, it’s gray and chilly here and the pollen has overtaken our cars and homes with a fine coat of chartreuse … *ACHOO!*

Yes, I officially have my first official sick days … despite the antihistamines and everything else, the allergies won out and my mental fog from allergies has set in!  And I can’t breathe and am quickly running out of tissues.  At least I’ve got company:  my 3 kids and dog all have allergies too!   Allergic to pollen and I pick to live in the “Garden State”…  Brilliant move!  🙂

Not to worry, Thy has been shipping out all of your orders, but this illness means I’ve been delayed in the DiamondCut(TM) brushed antique brass frames.

However, I have just listed the new GoldenLock purse chains and Antique Brass purse chains.

Same trademarked nice rich tone!

This coordinates with this new frame!

Made to coordinate with the 9x3 with loops in GoldenLock(TM).

And also debuting my new antique brass purse chains.  They have bigger jump rings and lobster claws than before.  In fact, they are the same size and sturdiness as my well-sold nickel-free purse chains!  The reviews on this has been tremendous as well … now if only those DiamondCut(TM) brushed antique brass will be listed already …  😉

Substantial, tough, and rich in tone!

Compare with the old chain on the right, these new antique brass chains on the left are much more prominent.

Everything is bigger in scale!

Here’s all 3 side-by-side:

All in the same scale and size!

Thy and I would like to thank everyone for your wonderful support in this transition.  It has fully transitioned to Thy doing all the packaging and shipping.  In addition, she’s been the photographer for all the new frames and chains, too!  Nice work, don’t you think?  She’s now dealing with juggling a home-based job and raising her two kids.

And guess what?  … She has the cuddliest 3 year old still at home, so she has to work while baby naps!  That’s how it started with me, how it starts with many of you, and how it’s starting with her as well!  🙂  We all know what it’s like to squeeze in some work, errands or a meal while the baby naps!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe and joyous weekend!  ~Winn


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