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April showers bring May flowers.

The lovely flowers embarrass me,
They make me regret I am not a bee –
~Emily Dickinson, 1864

IMAG9549revised1 copy IMAG9603revised1 copy

They’re as beautiful as they come,
Pick one up at  –
~Thy Khuong, 2016



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Back in Stock: 12 x 3.5

Hi!!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!  🙂  We’ve had our first Christmas here in Vietnam and my 9-year old said that it was “the best Christmas EVER”.   We brought along our trusty Christmas tree from Costco (and all of our other furniture and furnishings) and put up stockings on our electric fireplace mantel.  It worked to preserve and continue our Christmas traditions.  The kids were worried Santa wouldn’t know where they lived in Vietnam (they assumed New Jersey was well-known by Santa and his elves) and the fact that we have no chimney for Santa … but thanks to Norad, Elf the movie, and some great books to help explain it all.  Oh, the magic of Christmas!

My kids on Christmas Eve.

During the holidays, International schools here let kids out for three weeks in order for expat families to return back to their home countries.  And since the kids and I only got here in July, we stayed here during the holidays.  After celebrating 30+years of snowy and cold Christmases in the Midwest and NJ, it felt really weird not having the cold weather for Christmas!  I’m sure that is nothing new to those in the warm climates though.

Here’s my family holiday card to you all.  E-card this year via Smilebox!

Hope your holidays brought you many smiles. Smiling's my favorite! Name that movie (super easy...).

So with 3 kids home, you can imagine what little work I’ve got done.  But thank goodness for my sisters, Thy and Y who have been working quite hard.  Thy missed Christmas altogether due to illness!  She’s on the mend but her little one who’s only 4, is just recovering from another bout of something!  I miss the cold but I do not miss cold & flu season.

Oh, I’m a couple weeks late and giving you the news but I just want to let you all know that the 12×3.5 nickel-free frames are back in stock.  This one is a bit hard to manufacture and carry since it’s our costliest frame with all the iron and the large surface making a superb finish harder to achieve.  But with winter here and winter bags, this large, heavy and sturdy frame is ideal for the big bags.  This frame has been used to make the bigger carry-all bag.  It can support leather, vinyl, upholstery-weight and other heavier fabrics.   I designed a wide u-channel to accommodate both the heavier, thicker fabrics and the fusible interface/fleece.  The walls of the u-channel were also designed to be higher.  Check them out!

12x3.5 nickel-free purse frame

My internet connection has also been very frustratingly troublesome.  I get very slow service and when I do, I get disconnected frequently.  I have a fiber line but it gets throttled due to the servers here.  😦  Makes for long hours and a low productivity rate.  Alas, I will be back to sewing once I clear out a few things off my desk!

So since the kids went back to school today (yay, thank you teachers!), I will be able to work more (yay, my sanity returns!).  Love my kids, but I miss working.  Miss you all!  Thanks for your messages!!

Hoping you all are healthy for 2012!


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New clutches to show off my fine purse frames!

Snow days … guess what I’ve been doing?

I'm totally pimpin' my dog Pax!

I’ve got new clutches made with my fine nickel-free purse frames(TM).  These are not for sale. But I’m using them to model my frames.  So for those who’ve wanted to know what the 10×3 with loops with chains look like when done …. ta-da!

This clutch will also be coming out as a complete make-your-own kit.  Using my classic PDF tutorial, I made a new template for my 10×3 nickel-free frame(TM) with loops!  This is shown with the coordinating 45.5″ nickel-free chain with lobster claws.

Oh, I got that Michael Kors trench coat at Costco!  Go get yours!!!  I’ve been looking for a single-breasted, belted, classic trench coat for 4 years.  And this one even has a detachable hood.  It also has faux tortoise shell buttons.  And it’s only $39.99.  Fully lined.

Here’s another super cute clutch I made using my 8×3 nickel-free EleganceLock(TM) with loops and chain.  I have the ribbon weaved in for an extra somein’ special!  I used my Robin’s Egg Blue ribbon.  Yes, the chain with ribbon is for sale at my shop.

I'm in the mood for Spring!

Look what Etsy is choosing for their front page Treasury.   Looks like they are promoting Spring looks, already.

Start making clutches for spring ... and make your own Treasury!

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