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A shiny new coat for your metal purse frame

Who doesn’t love a shiny new coat?  Regardless of season, your metal purse frame should always have a shiny new coat.  But sometimes in the critical coating process, things can go wrong.

This post addresses the milky and cloudy appearance that can happen to the coat of your metal purse frame during the coating process.  That’s why it’s so important that you buy from a supplier who can do good quality control during the making of it.  The most important and last step is the final inspection done by the human eye, not some machine that just sends it down some conveyor belt only to eventually end up in your lap.

Milky appearance on the corner

This whole arm is cloudy!

This one below is what you want:  shiny, spankin’ new “nickel-free metal purse frame(TM)”

Look at me! I'm practically gleaming with pride!

Where to buy “nickel-free metal purse frames(TM)”: or


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