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What’s the lead in these metal purse frames?

One technical question that I get asked by my potential buyers is “does the lead content meet (my state’s) standards?”  And it’s usually from someone in California.  California is known for its forward-thinking and tough standards on a lot of legislation affecting the environment, such as lead and pesticides.  Federal standards sometimes trail behind California on these types of regulations.

While metal purse frames does not have its own testing and certification requirements, it does need to meet the federal lead standards and guidelines.  As per the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it does require it for other products, most recently those intended for use by children 12 years old and younger.  Moreover, small retailers or sellers who resell used children’s products are not required to test and certify.  Nonetheless, lead level must not exceed 300 ppm.  For more information, please go to

That said, my biggest market is California.  My “nickel-free metal purse frames(TM)” are tested for lead at 90ppm and meet the US.’s lead standards.  So you can be assured of not only the high quality of my nickel-free frames (another topic for a post later), but also of the safety by the testing and low level of lead.


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