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About Skinny Bride(TM) 8×3 “nickel-free kisslock metal purse frames(TM)”!

I had a question from one of my customers on Etsy and thought I’d share the update with everyone as well…  she wins the prize for noticing all of my hard work!  Thanks Amy!!  🙂

As you know, I design and make all my frames, and I do a lot of research before making any new designs. And it’s always based on the marketplace and trying to improve on it for you – the handbag maker – my customer.

1. What do I offer (in terms of new products) to help you with your handbag/clutch business?

2. How can I help you grow their business?

I think it gets stagnant to offer the same thing year-in and year-out.  It’s my hope that you like the improvements and helps your business grow.
So that said, here are the improvements made to my most popular design – the 8×3 “nickel-free kisslock metal purse frame(TM)”.

The width of the U-channel a narrower by less than 0.6mm. This design was narrowed for the following accommodations based on continuing market research and customer feedback:

* less glue is needed to use to “fill” the channel walls and NO glue needed on the fabric edge as well. This roughly translates to a 10-25% savings for the handbag maker on the cost of glue depending on the size of the frame used. (This also saves time!)

* regular-weight interface can be used instead of heavy weight interface giving the handbag maker two benefits: less cost, less stiff clutches (best for the finer higher-end clutches).

* thinner and finer materials (silk, satin, shantung) can be used without needing to “stuff” the channel. This resulted in higher priced clutches.
The width of the frame wall decreased by 1mm in order to give more attention to the fabric. I got comments from handbag makers that they wanted something sleeker, less intrusive, so that their craftsmanship can stand out and the fabrics used can stand out. (Many have their own printed fabrics.)

….So basically, you’d spend less on glue, less on the interface, and have the flexibility of introducing a higher priced line of clutches for special occasions (evening wear, bridal, showers, etc…) to expand your product line offering.  In all you will either save money and/or make more money. My aim was to help my customers make more money. I feel strongly that I have the best frames, BUT my frames should be just that: provide a “frame” for your sewing or fabric or designs, but should NOT be the focus, or God forbid, detract from the clutch fabric or design.

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