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30% OFF coordinating NEW antique brass chains

As a thank you for signing up to receive my blog posts, I just listed my new antique brass purse frame with loops and the coordinating antique brass purse chain.  I am offering 30% off the listed price of the antique brass purse chain:  when you buy the antique brass frame, you will get 30% off the antique brass chain to go with it.

With Etsy’s shop redesign, I find that my shop announcement gets lost.  (And let’s admit, I can be quite loquacious!)  Soooo…  I’ve been asking all 1000+ of you Etsy customers to sign up for my email subscriptions to get updates here from my blog so you get the latest and greatest scoop on everything.  (I’ve also included my pro’s who buy in bulk and don’t buy at my Etsy store.)

It’s my way of getting your ear about new interface, new frames, marketing tools, and technical tips, etc…  because I’m not in it to just sell you cheap frames.  I’m in it to help you start your own businesses from the PDF instructions to frames, glue, interface, etc… I have customers who buy a PDF from me in April — and by May — will start buying in bulk!  Those local craft markets are great to sell lots of clutches!!!

You will see that I’ve also designed the purse chain here with lobster claw closures — something your necklaces also have.  These closures are more costly due to the parts involved in making them, but other closures will break over time and are just awkward to use and not very chic.

New antique brass frame with loops

30% OFF coordinating chain when you buy the antique brass frame

Since this is limited to the first 200 chains, please convo me on Etsy for a custom listing, so that I can manage the discount and combined shipping.  You will not need to wait for the refund because I’ll take it right off the top.

So buy any number of antique brass frame with loops, and get the coordinating antique brass clutch chain for 30% OFF.  Offer is effective as soon as this blog post hits your email box and ends after the first 200 antique brass chains are sold.

*Please note that I ask all of my customers to purchase this at my ETSY shop, so that I can manage the number sold.  (My webstore sales are unlimited so I often oversell on the promotion.)

Don’t know how to get a Custom Listing?

1.  Click here to get to my Esty shop:

2.  If you haven’t signed up to have an Etsy account, please sign up, which takes 2-3 minutes.

3. Below the pic of my puppy Pax, click on “Contact” which will enter you to Etsy’s internal communications route called “Convo”.  Don’t worry, it’s just like email within Etsy.

4.  Drop a note of how many antique brass frames with loops you will need.  (*Please note any additional needs such as other nickel-free purse frames(TM) or Gutermann glue.)

I will reply back via the Etsy convo with a link to your custom listing for your entire order.  This will include the coordinating antique brass chains at 30% off the listed price as well as combined shipping for your entire order.

5.  Click the link, order, and pay.

Etsy customers are used to this, but my non-Etsy customers may feel intimidated, but no worries.  I have custom listings made multiple times every week!  It’s easy and you don’t have to wait for a refund.


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Shipping notice for 9/23

As posted on my shop announcement (but you all know it gets lost in there …), I’m heading to OKC for my annual David Day trip.

Please place your order by midnight EST Weds. 9/22 if you want it shipped out before my trip.  Shipping will resume Monday 9/27.

And here’s a pic of my friend David (with Lance Armstrong – his hero!), who passed from cancer 3 years ago.  I miss him dearly.  And I go to OKC to visit my dear friend Lisa, his mom, a wonderful middle-school principal.

I love, love, love, my work … but sometimes the spirit needs a rechargin’ on what’s important.  Blessings ~ Winn. 🙂

My dear David and his hero Lance.

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New 10 x 3 nickel-free metal purse frame(TM) with Perfect Fit 6(TM) and loops.

I’m happy to announce the addition of a new size: 10 inch x 3 inch nickel-free purse frame(TM) designed with the Perfect Fit(6) and loops!

Keeping the same high standard, this beautiful, shiny frame made with my 2-coat nickel-free process is a great addition to your line of clutches.  I made it with a loop because clutches of this size can really benefit from having a chain.

It’s also timely with the fall and winter clutches coming out!  So check them out at my etsy store  (Not yet available at my webstore since it’s quicker to put them up for sale at the Etsy venue than it is to write code for a webstore… but I should have it up there by Weds.  You can email me for bulk quantities 100 and over.)

10 x 3 nickel-free metal purse frame(TM) with Perfect Fit 6(TM) with loops!

10 x 3 shown with my nickel-free purse chain(TM) with lobster claws

(TM) Trademark of WhileBabyNaps and Khuong LLC 2010

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2 more for your product line offering: Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM) and Goldenlock(TM)

Hi everyone-

I’ve just introduced my 2 newest finishes in the 8×3 frames: Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM) and Goldenlock(TM).  I’ve been working on several formulations of the coats to achieve the look that I wanted.

The Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM) is comprised of multi-layers with many color of hints of iridescent purples and greens resulting in a deep twilight gray.  It’s a really rich deep gray, not shallow like other gunmetals you’ll see on the market.  Of course, it’s very shiny!  Check out the pics.  (*Please click on the photos to view a larger photo.*):

Deep, rich Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM)

Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM)

The Goldenlock(TM) took a little bit longer to formulate since I was very particular about the tone of the gold.  Gold can be hard to achieve in metals that are not made using real gold:  it can come off looking cheap if you don’t have an eye for it.  This Goldenlock(TM) is not too brassy or too garish.  The Goldenlock(TM) purse frame has a tone that is warmer than 10K gold, but less so than 18K gold. It nearly resembles the most popular gold — 14K gold.

I’ve taken a pic of my jewelry to show you the relative tone of it.

The relative tones of gold.

Goldenlock(TM) purse frame with Perfect Fit 6(TM)

Buy it at my Etsy store  (It was my son’s 6th birthday yesterday – 9/18 – so I haven’t had time to program it on my webstore,  But it should be up for Monday to order in bulk over 100+ as well.)

(TM) Trademarks of WhileBabyNaps and Khuong LLC 2010. All rights reserved.

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Shipping alert for 8×3 Antique Brass

The antique brass is coming a week earlier than expected. *Yippee*  (UPS really does a great job with ground shipping!)

… And they will have the Perfect Fit 6(TM) U-channels.  If you haven’t heard about it, be sure to check out my post on that:

I am expecting them Tues. 9/21 or Weds. 9/22.  All orders with antique brass in the order will ship immediately once I receive the antique brass.  Of course, they will be individually inspected by me and backed by my 30-day FULL refund guarantee.

Thank you!

(TM) Trademarks of WhileBabyNaps and Khuong LLC  2010. All rights reserved.

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“You’ve got balls!” kisslock closure — NEW for Fall and Winter 2010.

“That’s what she said.”  🙂

Another announcement and you’re the first to know.  I’ve redesigned the kisslock closures with bigger balls.  When the 8×3 nickel-free purse frame(TM) was redesigned this summer (and I just put it up for sale last night), the old balls were off on scale since I designed the Perfect Fit 6(TM) channel.  So I needed to have bigger spheres so that they were in better proportion to the frame.

Think of the ideal hourglass figure!  You need a little on top to get that hourglass.  Or in my case, you get your ‘spheres’ via Victoria’s Secret push-up bras!  Spanx helps with the bottom portion –and now you know my secrets…  but I digress.

Here are the pics:

As shown in my 8x3 nickel-free metal purse frame(TM) with kisslock closure

My 6×3 also got them too!

6x3 nickel-free metal purse frame(TM)

I will have the same size kisslock closure in my other finishes:  Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM) and GoldenLocks(TM)

(TM) Trademarks of WhileBabyNaps and Khuong LLC 2009 and 2010. All rights reserved.

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The Perfect Fit 6(TM) U-channel in my metal purse frames

Special announcement:  I have introduced a new U-channel width that I’ve trademarked as the Perfect Fit 6(TM).  Just like those size 6 jeans that I’m almost going to get into, the Perfect Fit 6(TM) is really the ideal size to get into.  (Ladies who are blessed with junk in the trunk, take heart, ‘cuz my flat *ss is jealous!)  🙂

Shown in 8x3 Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM)

I’ve been working really hard engineering this product testing many fabrics and interface.  With the fall and winter collections coming out, this will be a staple in my line of products.  (Well, if I’ve spent money trademarking it and all… hehehe.) It is designed to fit a wide combo of fabrics and interface without the need for the use of cords or crimping.  *Just say no to crimping.*

Side view shown in my most popular style 8x3 nickel free purse frame(TM) with kisslock closure

It’s not as narrow as my summer line of frames made to fit the higher-end silks and satins, yet no so wide like you’re trying to land a 757 in the Grand Canyon!  It will reduce your use of glue in the channel.  Just apply a ‘rope’ of glue in the channel (no need to apply it on your fabric as well) and insert your pre-pressed fabric.  It should have a nice snug fit without having to ‘stuff’ the channel.  Hint:  for thicker fabrics like cords, tweeds, and velvet, use a butter knife to insert your materials in.  That Gutermann will hold it like no other.

Here are some pics.  You can find this Perfect Fit 6(TM) in all the 8×3 and 10×3 frames for fall and winter.  Buy it at or for orders of 100+, buy it at

Shown in the 6x3 nickel-free purse frame(TM)

(TM) Trademarks of WhileBabyNaps and Khuong LLC 2009 and 2010. All rights reserved.

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All frames are in!

A big thanks to UPS who delivered my metal purse frames.  *happy dance*

I will be up drinking coffee and packaging your orders this afternoon, evening, and night.  Every order will ship tomorrow, Saturday!

Thank you, to all of you, for your continued support.  It means the world to me that you will wait to get my frames while you have options to buy from others.  That said, as my business has grown, I’ve been able to get on the manufacturer’s production schedule with higher priority.  And, I’m getting this engineering thing down pretty good too!

Here’s a quick pic of my new 8×3 gold frame!  It’s so shiny spankin’ new and pretty!!!  *swoon*

It's golden!

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“It’s off the chain!!” — 20% introductory offer.

That’s me trying to sound current.  😉

“Hehehe…” — that’s you snickering … but here’s the scoop on my nickel-free purse chains(TM) with lobster claws.

They say that “nothing worth doing ever comes easy”.  That is very applicable to my nickel free purse chains with lobster claws.  Why have you not seen purse chains with lobster claws before?  Because it hasn’t been done!  I’m the originator!  I just did not want a nice chain with an awkward, cheap, or cumbersome closure.  With my second business — selling jewelry at — I thought, why not make a nice chain like the necklace and bracelets that I see?

So months and months later … I got what I needed.  I’m so proud of these chains and I actually loop it twice and wear it with my Baume & Mercier watch!  Yup — like jewelry.  Just add a black leather cord to make it punk rock!  (This Momma of 3 is more ‘Target’ than ‘punk rock’).  So I snapped a quick photo of it:

This is one way I wear my nickel-free purse chain!

So take a look at my nickel-free purse chain(TM) with lobster claw.

"Aww, you're my lobster" --- name that show that line originated on!

Chain with satin ribbon threaded in.

*** Etsy customers, convo me to get a custom listing with the frames and chain to get 20% your first purchase of purse chains.  I’m requesting a custom listing so that I can combine ship and save you money, and also take the 20% off the purse chains immediately — no need to wait to get a refund.***

** customers, note “Blog20chains” in note to seller and a 20% refund will be returned to you off of the price of the chains.**

This offer is good until Weds. 9/22 noon EST.

As always, thank you for your tremendous support and encouraging words.  I get them and I really appreciate you ladies!

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“What the interface?!?”

Did you know that all manufacturers of fusible interface have a hard time keeping consistency in their fusible interface?

Take a look:

The variance in Pellon

And this is not because the top one is looser on the first 3 “rolls” and the bottom one is packed tighter.  If you look at the relative size of the fleece, you can see how much fluffier the top bolt is compared to the bottom bolt.  Yes, the labels are different but it’s the same product and product codes.  After many frustrations of ordering and sending bolts back, I found out that making fusible interface is an imperfect art — even though it’s mechanized.

With Pellon’s wide breadth of fusible interface (which I love, love, love), from batch to batch, there can be as much as a 15% variance!  So how bad is 15%?  Well, think about how terrible it would be to lose 15% of your annual salary, or 15% of your monthly sales revenue!

To have this much variance in fusible interface and the making of your clutches is HUGE especially when we are dealing with millimeters in the channel width of purse frames.  Too snug and it’s like squeezing on skinny jeans after a Thanksgiving meal!  *Whoa Nelly!*   Too thin of interface will yield an unsightly gap in your frame requiring crimping or cording to ‘stuff’ the channel.

Just like the manufacturing of metal purse frames —  there are variances and errors.  Just like with the interface, I personally inspect and check every frame from defects that the laser eye and inspectors can miss.  But mistakes can happen, just like the photo above demonstrates.  So make sure you work with a seller whose products you can depend on (hint: that’s me) and who will give you a full refund should mistakes happen.  As I’ve said before:  my sales are never final and you will always get a 30-day full refund.

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