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New designs and THANK YOU Etsy ladies … and one guy!

Thanks to all who confirmed to get email updates for my posts.  This will keep you updated quickly on what’s new in my store, and in the business of making clutches.  I’m having a hard time keeping everyone in-the-know via the Shop Announcement on Etsy … does anyone even read it much? Also, I’m starting with monthly sales specials in October: I will only alert via my blog posts.  And only to keep things straight, I will require a code in the “note to seller” so that you get the appropriate discount.  I have over 1000 loyal customers from my webstore and from Etsy so I am starting these specials to thank you for your loyalty.

NEW DESIGNS coming within 10 days:

*3 x 1.5 nickel-free metal purse frame(TM) with kisslock closure

*4.5×3 nickel-free metal purse frame(TM) with kisslock closure

*6 x 3 nickel-free metal purse frame(TM) with kisslock closure with LOOPS

*8 x 3 gunmetal finish with kisslock closure

*8 x 3 gold tone with kisslock closure

*8 x 3 nickel-free metal purse frame(TM) with kisslock closure (**My most popular size and style.**)

*8 x 3 nickel-free metal purse frame(TM) with mickey mouse closure with LOOPS

*10 x 3 nickel-free metal purse frame(TM) with kisslock closure with LOOPS

I should have them all in and up for sale around Sept. 20th.  As per my shop announcement, any orders placed in the last 2 weeks will be shipped out at this time on a first-come, first-served basis.

Some Q&As from you:

*Why haven’t you had any 3×1.5 available?

A:  These require special tooling to make due to their small size.  When I switched manufacturers, I had to invest in the new tooling so that took a bit more time.  Then production was delayed for 3 weeks … argggggg.    BUT, I got a bunch produced so cross my fingers, I won’t run out again.  That said, these have much smaller variances for defects (especially the kisslock closure) since they are small, so the defect rate is higher.  The higher the defect rate for me, the more money it costs me.  So … the profits is very small on these.  But I make them because I like them and like to have them in my own product line of clutches.

*Wassup with all the (TM) trademarks that’s all over your stuff?

A: Ahem, I’ve had other sellers lie about the nickel-free plating process, and then go out and get cheap imports using the same technique that I originated and start selling similar “nickel-free” frames.  So, while it was copyrighted and trademarked in 2009, it was not honored.  So I’m splashing my trademark all over the place — on everything — so that you, the buyer, will know and will hopefully honor the trademarks and buy from me and not from imitators.  Yes, my lawyer knows about this but really … is it worth pursuing?  I’m not sure at this point.  But we are keeping records of EVERYTHING.  So out of my own experience, if you own your business, then you need to incorporate, collect taxes, pay taxes, and get patents, copyrights and trademarks if you’re in it seriously.  I got a lawyer and incorporated in 2001 at the get-go!

*Why did you start offering nickel-free metal purse frames(TM)?  (I mean I never knew that there was a need for that …)

A:  Because I cannot wear nickel earrings.  Then I read into nickel allergies and voila!  Why NOT offer something that will help others with the same allergy? Ok, I’m totally biased, but my son suffers from a severe food allergy, and if manufacturers can make food products without that ingredient, why not offer it?  I applied the same concept to my metal purse frames.  In the same vein, I test my metal purse frames for lead as well.  Sure, it’s an added cost, but why not?


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  1. Wow – can you possibly obtain a 12 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ oversize purse frame? I can send you a pic of what I’m looking for if you like… Thanks!

    Comment by Zen needleArt | September 16, 2010 | Reply

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