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Where to sell your Clutches

Take it from me, there’s more places to sell your clutches than just on Etsy.

In fact, I rarely sell my clutches on Etsy.  (Granted, I’ve been so busy with the 3 kids, the puppy and the jewelry business that I haven’t had time to sew this summer … Fall season gives me a reprieve when the kids are in school!) Oh, here’s a pic of my new cubbies!  Target!  Easy to put together and these were on sale for $39.99 each (there are 2 units here).  I even asked for a further discount and got another 10% off due to a minor scratch that you can’t even see!

Office cubbies

Here are my tips for the top places to sell:

*your local art & craft fairs: The table fee varies, but of the 3 listed here, this can command the highest priced clutches in your product line.  The ‘artsier’ the fair, the higher the goods.  Have a range of products but do include some higher-end clutches like silks and brocades in the $105 range.  Have a high mid-range at $65 – $85 for cottons with embellishments, and mid-range cottons at $40-55.

*Saturday/Sunday markets: Similar to the one above, and it really depends on your area, but I would exclude the silks here.  The higher-priced clutches tend not to fit with the market-goers here.  Add in some hemp clutches and coin purses.

*school functions (at least I’m there anyways )..: Offer a wide range here as you can cover moms who need a fancy clutch ($85) for a dinner date out, lower mid-range clutches ($35) for gift giving, and handy wallets ($25) for the on-the-go moms.  School fairs at holiday time are GREAT!  A lot of gift-buying!!

Yup, hit the ground!  Nothing sells more than when people see the clutches first hand!  Most are not even looking to buy a clutch until they see your clutches.  Then WOW!  I love these!  You make them?  OMG, I have to have one.

And one more thing:  use your clutches that you made. Take it everywhere — your favorites.  You will not believe the strangers in stores, libraries, etc.. who will remark “I like your bag.”  Then whip out your business card and tell them how they can buy one.  And yes, I’ve even sold my clutches to my therapist and my kids’ pediatrician this way!  It’s amazing how women will support women when they know it’s handmade!


September 14, 2010 - Posted by | Helpful Tips


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