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December Orders and SHIPPING

My, my, my are you all as busy as me making clutches for gifts or for holiday sales??  I think the economy is coming back because the holiday orders are looking good (*knocking loudly on wood*).  I’ve also heard from several of you that you have had great sales for holiday gift-giving.

Bridesmaid clutch with floral hair clip!

WAY TO GO!  Pat yourselves on the back for the great planning.

On that note, please keep in mind Christmas holiday orders.  You still have plenty of time to make your clutches for your customers but do not delay.  A clutch in hand will get a quick sale!

So please plan well and get your supplies to make your clutches.  Please note that I will be shipping 6 days a week via Priority Mail (for all orders consisting of 5 or more frames) or First Class Mail (for PDF hard copies and less than 5 frames for beginners).

So why the nudge on orders?  Because Priority Mail is not guaranteed to get there in 2-3 days! Here’s the policy of USPS:

Estimated Delivery Time

o If a Priority Mail package is going to a major city, or is traveling less than 600 miles, it should arrive in two (2) days. Otherwise, it should arrive in three (3) days.

This is not a guaranteed service.
o Date of delivery is not guaranteed. Delivery by a specific date at a specific time is not available.
o Estimated delivery time begins on the date postmarked.

… And this is outside of the consideration of the higher volume from the holidays.  With the holiday volume of packages, USPS is going to be slower than normal … I can guarantee that!

So if you absolutely need it by a certain date, please email me or convo me via my Etsy shop for a custom listing with Express Mail, which is guaranteed (but is also CRAZZZZZY expensive).  You don’t even want to know about UPS or FedEx.  Their stocks have done very well for a reason …  😉

International Customers: Please take advantage of the medium flat rate Priority Mail International box.  Anything more than (5) 8×3 frames has to go in the medium box.  (It’s a testament to my origami skills that I can even fit all 5 in those teeny boxes!)  I can fit about (40) 8×3 frames for the same amount – $43.00 – as (10) frames, so plan your purchase and spread your cost of shipping over more frames thereby lowering your cost per clutch/unit.


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New nickel-free chain in 45.5″ length

Hi y’all!  We just got back from FL and survived both Disney World and Thanksgiving weekend!

Note to hubby:  Hollywood Studios was not appropriate and was just wayyyyy too soon for our 6 y.o. autistic kid.  😦  Other than being completely overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, noises, people in giant costumes, and crying in fear multiple times a day … no … it really sucked for him there.  Our big regret … but who knew he wasn’t going to be able to handle it?

Here’s one the best pics we were able to take of the 3.  Is is a wonder that we’ve never had a family pic before?  Can’t seem to get them to all look at the camera and smile at the same time!

Cowering from the camera or Darth Maul?

I’ve been working since Friday to get all your orders inspected, packaged, and ready for shipping.   As of this morning, I’m caught up to all orders as of 11/23, and expect to get all the others done by 4:30, when the post offices closes for the day.  Thanks for your patience and for all your orders.  It seems everyone is busy planning to make clutches to sell and to give for the holidays.

Also, you’re the first to hear it: I’ve got a new chain length out today or tomorrow for sale.  It’s about 45.5″ tip to tip.  It’s the same nickel-free purse chain with lobster claw closures.  Many of you have been doubling and tripling my clutch chain to make it shoulder length or for cross-body clutches.   Now you won’t have to!   Since the large cost is the lobster claws, it was really cost prohibitive to do that, so I made a longer chain.

Here’s a pic:

After I get all my orders done, I will post it up for sale at both my Etsy shop and at my webstore,
Thanks!  And have fun shopping Cyber Monday!!

Nickel-free purse chain(TM) in longer 45.5" length

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