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15% OFF total purchase ends soon*!

*The 15% OFF total purchase of $100 off any frames is ending soon.  It ends Dec. 31 midnight EST.  *smooches*

Plan well:  (it’s my best offering until 11/11/11 when I celebrate my next anniversary)

*Valentine’s Day:  this is a big one.  Great time for guys to get their gals a gift!  Or get your girlfriend a gift!  Great time to get your clutches listed on your Etsy shops to get a Treasury spot!  Incorporate bloody reds, sparkling silvers and blush pinks in your designs so it goes with the occasion but can be used all year-round.  Don’t limit it to heart motifs that, while cute, doesn’t wear well for use on other occasions.

*Spring collections:  Yes, it’s time to think about that already.  Take a cue from Vogue, Elle, and other fashion mags to see the color pallet.  You will need to start designing, planning, and making your clutches to have them ready for sale for the spring weather.  Do keep in mind that Southerners will have spring fare earlier than those up north.

*Spring arts/crafts shows:  check your local arts and crafts shows listings and plan for the audience.  There will be some shows in January but the show circuit will pick up in Feb. and March.  You can save by registering in advance and then start making for the show.

Plan well to do well!

And be well 🙂




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BIG NEWS!! Last week SALE in 2010! Shop redesign coming in 2011.

UPDATE:  I mistakenly gave the 15% OFF on other finishes when I was updating my Etsy shop.  For example, antique brass was listed for this sale, when it was not under the original sale.  So, I’ve changed the terms to cover ALL frames, not just NICKEL-FREE frames, in order to rectify my mistake.

… So buy any frames and for purchases over $100 (frames only), you will get an additional 15% OFF the listed price.  (This includes the VOLUME discounts already in the listed price.)  No other discounts apply.


Thank you all for a wonderful year.  All your support has been amazing and I LOVE getting your feedback and requests.  Keep ’em coming.

I know many of you had been busy making your clutches in time to give and to sell for the holidays.  Raise your hand if you’ve been partaking in any after-holiday shopping!

Speaking of which, Joann’s been having some amazing sales.  Be sure to sign up for their emails.  I love getting their mailers, too, and clipping out those “40% off any cut of fabric” coupons.  Nothing beats holding, seeing, and comparing fabrics in your hand!

Coupon for 40% off if you sign up to get their email good until Jan.8! This was part of that email.

So while you enjoy the last few days of 2010, I want to wish you all a safe and wonderful last week of 2010.  I have 2 announcements:

1. With the difficulty to import Gutermann glue due to the costs and time to import and Customs Regulations, I will be selling glue bundled with my frames.  Since it takes me so much to import and sell them, my inventory is limited and I want to limit it the quantity that I have to handbag makers who buy it to use with my frames.  (I will sell Gutermann glue in bulk quantities for others (accessories) if they buy 10 tubes+.)   Other handbag makers who buy frames from other frame sellers, will have to buy their glue elsewhere.  Why not limit what glue I do have to those who support my business?  For this support, I will discount the price when bundled.  SO …. you can buy the frames separately, but you will not be able to buy the glue separately:  you will only be able to buy glue bundled in with frames.  But this will be discounted so for all you who are so supportive and loyal, guess what?  You get another discount when I bundle them!  Look for new pricing and more on this next week.

2.  Get a 15% refund (or straight away via custom listing at my Etsy shop) off any purse frames for purchases over $100.00.  Contact me for a custom listing or order a la cart and I will refund you via Paypal.

Sale is good from when this post hits your email box until midnight Dec. 31, 2010!!!

Please take advantage of this sale, and please note that once the deadline has passed, it cannot be extended for any reason.


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Why nickel-free?

One of the top questions that people ask me is “why nickel-free”?  As the originator and creator (ie. the first to manufacturer nickel-free)  of the nickel-free coating for metal purse frames, I’m proud that my work results in a fine finish to show off your clutches.  You don’t have to have a nickel-free allergy to enjoy the 2-coat finish that allows fingerprints to wipe with ease.

“Is it better?”

The short answer is “Yes”.  I believe that it is.  That’s why I’ve spent a lot of time and research in coming up with a trademarked nickel-free finish for my purse frames.

The long answer is:

1.  I have an allergy to nickel and cannot wear nickel earrings, for example.  (swollen, red, itchiness that eventually develops into a lot of grossness)  Yes, that’s my medical description.  🙂

2.  I am sensitive to the topic of allergies, in general, because one of my sons has a severe food allergy.  (Yes, hospitalizations and Epi-Pens galore!)

3. When I did research into nickel-free, I found that this allergy is a rising allergy, just like peanut allergy, gluten allergy, egg allergy, milk allergy, and soy allergy have all risen dramatically for my kids’ generation.

4.  I like the sheen of .925 sterling silver but do not like the tarnish.  So with my fine nickel-free metal purse frames(TM), I have achieved the white-silver look that I want without the tarnish.

Here’s a snippet from a very recent article on the rise of nickel allergy.  You can read the entire article here:

The rise of nickel allergy.

My process used for my trademarked nickel-free purse frame is similar to the process used in jewelry.   (Beyond having the lobster clasp closures on my chains, again, this is where my knowledge and work as a jeweler helps!)  I have to use a plating company that has the nickel-free process and you will not find this in industrial uses … only jewelry.  So despite what you might have heard, nickel-free is NOT cheaper.  Not by a long shot.  Call any plating company here in America.

Now that I have competitors selling knock-off, cheap, imitators of my nickel-free purse frames(TM), I don’t take this imitation as flattery.  Are they even tested for lead?

Ask that seller, why do you offer nickel-free?  How did you get the idea?

So handbag makers can list that their clutches made from my nickel-free frames(TM) are tested for lead and has a fine 2-coat finish extending the life of the clutch.  It will wear well!   Handbag makers should also note that it is “Trademarked to and Khuong LLC.”

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It’s up: The new shoulder length chain!

Thank you for your patience y’all.  Been working on all your orders in time for you to make clutches for your customers. But the chain is just up on Etsy.

Love their new listing system where you can just ‘copy’ – don’t you?

It’ll take me til this evening to get it at my webstore so you can order now at the Etsy shop or wait.  Either way, I can make a custom listing if anyone needs.

Here’s some pics.  I got into the holiday spirit!

Happy holidays!!!

Here’s one with the cartoon-y thought bubble!  hehe … 😉

Oh yeah? Check me out!

Since the cost is in the lobster claws themselves, the longer length is not tripled in price even though the length has.  And the volume discounts are quite generous:

(1) 45.5 inch chain = regular price $4.99
Set of 5 = 30% off
Set of 10 = 35% off
Set of 20 = 40% off
Set of 25 = 43% off
Set of 50 = 50% off

As always, thanks for your support!

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Shoulder length 45.5″ chain will be listed soon … I promise

Sorry guys … I’m behind in listing the chain for sale because I’ve been filling out your orders (holiday rush) and listing sellers on my SELLERS page.

Have you checked it out?  Go on, click on the SELLERS page and see!  Here’s a ridiculously small screen grab of what’s up so far…

I now have over 10,000 hits on my blog.  My rank on Google continues to move up and I’m capturing a lot of the search terms such as “fine clutches” and “handmade handbags”.

And the SELLERS page is now the #1 ranked page – beating the HOME page!  What????

It’s the season ladies!

Thank you all for letting my referrals know where they can get clutches made from my fine metal frames!  I’m getting a lot of great feedback.  I know a lot of you are low on your stock, so here are some tips:

1.  Go big or go home: have plenty of selection and price points for shoppers.  Have a variety of items for browsing.

2.  Think holiday gift-giving:  ‘Tis the season, and clutches in the $34-45 range will sell better than those in the $60-70 range.  That’s a good rule regardless of the time of year, but think of the shopper’s budget for Christmas gifts.  Think of the intended recipients.  The bridal market is slowing down right now so aim for cottons and durable fabrics that fit the wintry season.

As always, your comments are welcome.  And I will get the shoulder length listed when I have an hour or two to spare…  🙂

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Sellers list is up!

Please check out the SELLERS page.  It’s up with several sellers listed:  I’m ahead of my revised scheduled date of 12/5 ;)!

YAY you, the sellers who have submitted.  I thank you, for doing the work to ensure that my referrals know which clutches are made using my fine metal purse frames.  They are looking for a clutch that is made using one of the frames “trademarked to and Khuong LLC.” This lets them know they can buy with confidence that the clutch they receive is made with frames that are tested for lead and that have a special coating that will prolong the life of the clutch.

Here’s Erin rave review:

“omg! I can already tell a difference in my shop views! I thank you sooo much!!! I gotta get working on new listings!”

She’s nearly sold out, but here’s one of her remaining clutches that showcases her craftsmanship.

Elegance: Erin uses vintage kimono fabric (from Japan!) in her clutches. This one was made with my nickel-free purse frame(TM) with EleganceLock(TM).

I am waiting on several sellers on the details so check back to see more sellers listed.

Please remember that my referrals are specifically asking “where can I buy clutches made with your (nickel-free, antique brass, Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM) or GoldenLock(TM) frames?”

So I would advise that:

1. In your pic, though you may sell other clothing or accessories, to showcase a clutch or collection of clutches that is indicative of what you sell.  For example, someone looking for a silk bridal clutch will not find it at a store selling only cotton clutches.

2. Have your shop description be accurate in what you sell.

AND please remember my post about “taste uncertainty” and “concentration of stores” that data has proven to show to actually increase your business by being near sellers that sell similar things to you.  If you’ve forgotten (no quizzes given here 🙂 ) please read this post:

Lastly, I truly believe in helping other women learn a skill that they can develop into a business.  Because I’ve been there, trying to reenter the workforce looking for a part-time job with no luck.  So please be supportive of other women who are “doing it for themselves!” — to borrow a phrase from a song.

To that end, please respect each other’s unique work, style, and creative endeavors.  Please read that post with the link above.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but not here.   Please remember:

*Don’t compete on price.

*Offer something unique that stands out from others.

Now get to work!  🙂

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