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Follow me on Twitter @PurseFrames

With Y helping me in the business, I finally crossed another item off my list!

I started a Twitter account to promote my handbag makers!  Please follow me @PurseFrames and PLEASE RETWEET!

My goal is also to bring more exposure for handbag makers who support me by using the finest purse frames in their clutches.  I hope to bring more people to the Facebook fan page and the SELLERS page on this blog where fans can go directly to their shops!

Listed sellers on this blog and those who posted their clutches on the Facebook fan page have seen their views go up and sales, too!  That’s the hope!  If you are successful, then I’m successful!

Take a look:

Screen capture of one of the clutches made using my fine metal purse frames posted on my Twitter @PurseFrames

Please follow me on Twitter!  And please retweet!!!

I will be trying my best to have each post be a pic of one of the clutches made by handbag makers.  Twitpic provides a great forum to post this, and with the new design of Twitter, you can see how well the clutches will be seen!






February 1, 2011 - Posted by | WhileBabyNaps General Updates

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