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Quick tip for “squaring off” the bottom corners of your clutch

To improve my time and hone my skills, I make my clutches in batches.  I never make just one from start to finish.

This tip is for all handbag makers, but especially for those who bought my PDF tutorial.

The essential bottom seam allows your clutch to work for both non-directional and directional patterns.

This is an example of a non-directional pattern:

Any which way is up!

This is an example of a directional pattern.  We wouldn’t want an upside bird on the other side!

Cute birdie! Using my 6x3 nickel-free frame(TM) with loops.

But for it to have stability, you need to “square off” the corners.  Since I do it in batches, I save time by pre-marking my sewing machine.

Pre-measured and pre-marked!

Instead of getting out the measuring tape and measuring every corner, I pre-measured and marked those measurements on my sewing machine with a Sharpie.

(This coincides with Step #9, pg. 11 of the PDF main tutorial.)

Start from the needle and measure out in 1/4″ increments.  And use as needed for the size clutch that you are making.  Voila!

Those various measurements above cover me from the small coin purses that uses my 3×1.5 nickel-free frames(TM), the 4.5×3 wallets, the 6×3 mid-size, the popular 8×3 and the biggest of 10×3.

Enjoy your sewing!


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