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Testimonials wanted…

Thank you very much for all your emails and convos about my shop!

Because I spend 2-3 hours a day on emails and convos, and 4-6 hours a week researching and blogging, 5-6 hours a week marketing and promoting your shops, I really strive to help you succeed in your business.  I’ve gotten really heartfelt and tremendous feedback that the advice and tips given has really helped.

I have asked many of you “may I use your comment as a testimonial?” to which 100% of you said “Absolutely!” “Sure!”

Since my webstore is private, my pro’s go in and order and leave without a whisper.  However, with my Etsy shop, the number one way I get business to stay in business is via feedback.  So I appreciate those of you who have left me private feedback about the products and/or customer service.

And here’s where I’m asking for your input and help: I get questions daily about shipping and other aspects of my shop.  Many of these are new to Etsy and have not worked with me yet, let alone any sellers on Etsy, and so I’ve not earned their trust.  However, through working with me, you all know I refund any Etsy shipping overcharge that over $1.  I back up my frames 100%.  I answer all your convos promptly.  I ship promptly.  We package your orders professionally.  I wouldn’t have the repeat customers that I do if it wasn’t for:

1) having the finest, highest quality frames that you can trust on the market

2) having the best, most transparent, consistent, and honest customer service

…. So, if you have would like to help me out, please submit your quick testimonial via the Convo/Contact feature at my Etsy shop. (I used to put my company’s email on here, and then those ‘bots’ started spamming my mailbox … *groan*).  If you’ve ordered from me, then you already have my company’s email, so you can send it there as well.

I would like to have a page of testimonials that I can refer those who have a doubt about whether or not I will refund their shipping Etsy overcharge, whether the PDF tutorial is easy to download, whether the frames are really the bee’s knees…

Find out how this phrase came about at

Thank you to those of you who will spend the 5 minutes to send in your testimonials.  Your loyalty, your support, and your business, is truly appreciated!


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