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Glue bundling update…

I’ve had many requests about the glue bundled with frames.  Just a review, it was my intention to sell the glue ONLY bundled with my frames due to the hassles, expense, and time importing the glue.

However, I’ve been dragging my foot for 2 reasons and I’ve decided against it.  Here’s why:

1.  My goal has been to put women in business by teaching them a skill.   My PDF tutorials do NOT limit clutch-making to just my frames.  Never has.  You can buy any u-channel purse frame from any seller and make your own clutch.  With my bonus tutorial, you can learn how to make a template for any purse frame too.   The basic skill needed to make a clutch is what I wanted to teach women.  I could have done it in a way to restrict it to only my frames, but I wanted to democratize it so the tutorials have always have women how to make a clutch using any frames.

2.  If I sold the glue by bundling it with my frames, that would negate this ideal because that would bar other clutch-makers who buy frames from other sellers but need glue.   I take pride in providing everything to my customers to enable their success.  I’ve thought “why should I sell my glue that I have so much trouble importing to those who will buy frames from someone else?”.  And that’s a struggle since I love (and am admittedly biased towards) my frames. But if I sold glue only bundled with my frames, it goes against my mission of democratizing it and to teach women a skill that won’t limit them to just my goods.

It is because of this that I hope you understand why I’ve changed my mind about bundling the glue with frames.  I am very open about my policies and thoughts, and sometimes, it requires deeper thought before affecting a change.  I know many of you would like the lower cost of the bundled products.  In the next couple of months, I still may offer bundled frames+glue in addition to glue alone.  But I will not restricting the Gutermann glue only to those who buy my frames.  (I wish you would buy from me exclusively, but ….  the choice has always been yours to make and will remain so.)

Thoughts?  Comments?  Contact me at any time.



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