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4.5x3s are back in!

Hi y’all!  (That’s from my livin’ in Oklahoma City.)

Just quick note to let all who asked about the 4.5x3s … they’re back!!

I do want to alert my long-time users of this size that the u-channel is smaller by a smidge.  For those with a really accurate caliper … less than .05mm.  It falls within the variance but it’s not exact as I would like.  There should not be any difference in the usage and functionality with that small of a variance.  You will not need to switch up your fabrics or interface.

But the finish is better so I went with these.  Every batch is different but the new plating company for nickel-free that I’ve been working with has just really done a splendid job with the finish!

Old batch on left. New batch on right.

LOVE these.  They are …  well, they are real and they are spectacular! (Name that show!)

Aren’t they so much shinier and brilliant???

Oh, swoon …  🙂


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