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Debuting DiamondCut(TM) Brushed Antique Brass

I am quite thrilled to announce my new DiamondCut(TM) brushed antique brass. The feedback has been a resounding one:  it has gotten the best feedback that I’ve ever gotten on any new purse frame.  I am completely satisfied with this finish and am excited to show you here first.

It is truly unique because it is hand-finished to order.

Reflecting indoor light. Sparkling!

Orders will ship within 24-72 hours of your order depending on demand.  Since this is brand spankin’ new and I don’t know how the orders will come in, you will be notified in case it takes longer.  Orders with higher quantities will take 2 days to complete per 100 frames.  So, an order of 300 frames will take 6 days.  All will ship via Priority Mail.  All will come with my standard 30-day full refund guarantee.

This proprietary and trademarked DiamondCut(TM) brushed antique brass offers a 2-for-1!  2 looks at 1 price!  2 looks in 1 frame!

In natural light, it is a subtle brushed antique brass soft finish.  But it differs from the traditional antique brass in that you will see the brush textures!

I had a couple of handbag makers who mentioned that they “wished” for a more textured look, and here we are… !  🙂

DiamondCut(TM) brushed antique brass shown with natural light.

But under any indoor light (fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, you-name-it)?  It will shimmer.  It will sparkle.  You will see silken threads of pure gleam!

Imagine this clutch sitting at a dinner table in the glow of a candle!  Amazing!

Paired with my peacock feather fabric. Shimmers in the light!

Natural light:

Paired with a green brocade in natural light.

Indoor lighting:

Shimmering silken threads can be seen easily with indoor lighting. Shown reflected with my high-hat bulbs in my ceiling!

Frame only in natural light:

Beautiful sheen with subtle textures - antique brass in tone.

In indoor lighting:

Another look at the same frame with indoor lighting from incandescent bulbs.

The pricing will vary according to volume discounts.  I will have these listed for sale this weekend.  Of course, please convo me if you would like a custom listing.  I really expect these to do well as these hand-finished frames are truly unique.  I cannot wait to see all the amazing fabrics and materials that will be used with this frame.  I expect it to hit big with the bridal market as this is the high-end of my high-end frames!

On other news…

I’ve been working hard on the antique brass finish and you all have been so patient.  I have encouraged you to source your antique brass purse frames from other sellers to meet your customer’s needs.  And I’ve heard your comments about the lower quality found elsewhere.  Please know that I continue to invest and work on finding the right finisher for the antique brass.  I’ve gone through 3 production samples and am still not happy with the quality yet.  I’ll keep plugging along …  I know that you are “making due” with others, and I sincerely appreciate your patience on my antique brass frames.  As soon as I have it, you will hear about it first!


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Back in stock!

Alert for all those who have been asking and waiting so patiently …

Thank you, thank you, thank you … for all your support.  In the first 3 months of this year, I sold as many frames as I did 1/2 of last year! From small sales of 5 frames at a time to hundreds … I’ve grown my business a lot.  I have reinvested all this back into the business – save for a lunch out here or there!  🙂

Many of the big handbag makers ordered even more privately.  The feedback that I keep getting is “I’ve tried many frames, and yours is simply the best.”  “My clutches look so much better with your frames.”  So even these large handbag makers see the value in having consistently high quality frames that they can depend on. They know that they can save time by having dependable high-end, high-quality frames for their clutches and handbags.  They have also switched to using Gutermann glue after seeing how much time they saved using a quick-setting glue, how tight it bonds the fabric to the frame, and how quickly I can ship it out to them.

What’s back in stock: These sold out much more quickly than my forecast.  Thanks for being patient!!!  In addition, with my inventory criss-crossing the country in the back of a FedEx truck … that didn’t help either.  I will try my best to not be in a SOLD OUT position.

*8×3 EleganceLock(TM) with loops nickel-free

*8×3 Duskcoat gunmetal(TM)

*6×3 nickel-free purse frame(TM)

What’s new that’s coming later on this week:

*10×3 nickel-free no loops – picture to come …

*8×3 DiamondCut(TM) brushed antique brass – I will post this separately in a new blog later today …

NEW! Hand-finished by custom order! DiamondCut(TM) brushed antique brass!!! It *sparkles* in the light!!!

What’s coming in 2 weeks or so:

*12×3.5 nickel-free no loops (for those wanting to make bigger bags with your own handles) – picture to come!

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