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Debuting 12×3.5 inch Nickel-free purse frame!

This is all new guys!  I’ve got a new design for you clutch mavens to expand your line.  While some are expanding to the smaller wallets and coin purses (smart move) to capture the smaller cash sales, some are starting to move the other direction!

Think bigger, roomier bags.

Think leather, pleather, vinyl, burlap, upholstery weight, oil cloth, suede, outdoor fabric and a whole host of other fabulous fabrics!

Think about the big bolts of fabric that is in Joann’s upholstery section in those big rods!

I’ve made some design changes just for this size:

*Wider u-channel to accommodate thicker fabrics and heavyweight interface and batting.

*Wider walls of the u-channel to accommodate a bigger seam allowance for all these materials.

*Bigger kisslock balls:  15mm!

Why doesn’t it come with loops?  Because with bags this size, you will want to make your own straps out of coordinating fabrics!  Although it’s made of iron and is heavy and very sturdy, a bag full of contents will need sturdy straps instead of a chain, since that will dig into your shoulders.  Straps pulling on the frame may warp it over time, so heavy duty, wide straps will hold the bag up and provide comfort for your users.

Not to mention, it will make it very chic!

Check it out:

12x3.5 nickel-free purse frame

12x3.5 nickel-free purse frame

Comparison with 8x3 and 10x3 purse frames.

I like the bigger balls! (That's what she said.) 🙂

The big kahuna!

I will list these up for sale tomorrow or Thursday!

Start dreaming of your new clutch bag designs now!  🙂



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