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10% OFF entire purchase at

To thank you for all your support on my new business with my upcycled purse frames at, I am offering 10% OFF your entire purchase at!  Per my last blog post, this might be the bit of inspiration needed to kick start your summer creations!

For all of you who find my blogs useful and have followed along and have helped to make my second shop a sweet success, please enter “BLOGVIP” in the coupon code at check out to get an instant 10% off ALL your cart items.

The offer is effective as soon as this blog post hits your email account!  It ends Sunday, July 3rd at midnight.  That’s a whole week to get 10% OFF, but don’t delay.

I use this Snappy clutch every day ... 🙂

I am just starting to get feedback for the Snappy(TM) wallet clutch tutorial and upcycled frames.  Here are some of them:

“Great tutorial!”

“very creative design! How do you come up with it?! Will always be your great fan and supporter.. The pdf is easy to understand and very detailed. I love how she upcycled and came out with a very creative design. If you have trouble understanding it, just ask, any of the sisters will gladly help you through it~”

“Very easy to retrieve instructions. Thanks so much.”

“Congratulations on another great shop! You are so inspirational and encouraging!! Keep up the great work, I love to see women succeed, and even better when women help other women as you are doing. You Rock!!”

“Cannot WAIT to try out the new pattern with the frame!! I’m so glad you were able to get this new shop up and running so quickly – I’m trying just 5, to see how they will go over with my customers, but I have a feeling I’ll need more – at least I HOPE so! Congratulations, Winn – another WIN product for you! Take care!”

“Hi Win, I love this wallet! Looking forward to trying out the pattern soon. 🙂 Thanks so much…”

“yay! You listed it! Congrats!”

Oh, here’s a little trivia for you … I was going to trademark it as the Milk Run(TM) wallet clutch — since I’m always running out to get milk for my 3 kids … and this design allowed me to carry my essentials for my milk runs!  I still might use that trademark for another design though.

This new design is much simpler to do than the Classic Day Clutch(TM), the TeaTime(TM) clutch, or especially, the Baguette(TM) Clutch.  In my design, I actually tried to design it to be done without any sewing since one of my customer’s friends was hospitalized and needed a skill to pick up and something to do while in the hospital.  Sadly, I couldn’t make this without a sewing machine, but the amount of sewing needed is very minimal.  I’m really happy with how it was constructed.

So I hope you will make use of your beautiful bits of fabric and give this a try!  I would love to see the many varieties out there.

On another update … let me keep you up-to-date on my move … though it seems like I’ve been talking about this forever!

As I’ve told everyone in January of this year, my family and I are moving to Viet Nam!  Actually, my husband’s been living there since March, and I’ve been in New Jersey with the kids putting the house up for rent (we finally got renters – YAY) and the kids just finished the school year on Friday!

*The packers are coming tomorrow and they are packing everything up!  We will be staying in a nearby hotel for a week.

*Tonight, we’re packing things we need for the hotel and short-term 2-3 weeks.

*Tomorrow, they pack and ship our air shipment which will take 2 weeks to get to Viet Nam and another 5 days to clear Customs.

*Tues, they are packing the sea shipment — all of our household goods — which will take 2 months to make it to our new home in Viet Nam.

*Weds. they are packing the rest that will be put into storage here in New Jersey that we are not taking.  I don’t think we’ll have much left … but you never know.

*Thurs., the carpet cleaners are coming and so are the housecleaners.

*Friday is the walk-through with my tenants and they move in!

*Saturday, me and my family fly out to Viet Nam.

*On July 14th, Canine Carriers will pick up Pax from my dog sitter and fly him to Viet Nam.  We’ll get him on July 16th.  He’ll be in a temperature-controlled cargo with an airline that transfers pets all over the world.  He’ll have comfort stops and water for the trip.

*And on July 16th, after Pax is with us, I will breathe!  🙂

I cannot wait to take pictures and show you my new adventures in Viet Nam.  We are really going to venture out and just take advantage of all Viet Nam has to offer!  We’ll be there for 3 years, but the kids and I might come back earlier due to the school year, just like we stayed here later as well.  I will be hunting for fabrics like it’s going out of style!

And how great is this?  My two best girlfriends are both moving to Asia within a month of me moving to Viet Nam!  Lisa, a principal in Oklahoma City, just got a job teaching 4th graders in Shanghai!  And Kimberly, a stay-at-home mom of 3, is moving to Japan due to her husband’s job as well!  Could I be any luckier? 🙂  (Name the character and show who says his lines in that intonation!)

Have a great rest of the week! I’ll keep you posted as always.


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Something for your Sunday…

I was asked to write a blog post to provide some inspiration as we are hitting the summer months …  🙂

Ok, I’ll give it a shot, but seeing as how today is the last day on my Mac for a while … we’re getting packed next week for the global move … I’m swamped!

So I took a couple of pics out in my garden yesterday.  It always gets my creative juices going thinking about textures, fabrics and colors.

One quick note about June and July that you may be seeing in your shops as well:  it’s typically slower.  Why?  I don’t have hard data but we can all surmise that it will be slower due to:

*Summer break for the kids so moms are going to be more busy tending to them.

*Summer vacation so more money spent on summer vacations, and less money spent elsewhere.

*Summertime outdoors so less time spent indoors, less time on the computer browsing your shops.

*Too hot in many states for arts and craft festivals.

With this in mind, you should get a jump start now and get ready for the back-to-school and fall season — in late August for the upper states!

1.  Start looking at fall arts and crafts shows.  Sign up and get a discount off the pre-registration rates, and secure the best booths/tables!

2. Create your fall designs and color palettes.  What seasonal or new styles will you have in your shop for the fall?

3. Get your materials and start making your sample clutches and build up inventory.  Keep an eye out for the coupons and sales!

July is around the corner and next thing you know summer will be over.  Don’t fall behind.  Now that it’s slower this time of year, take that extra time to get ready for the fall.  Shops that are anemic in the fall will not do well out of the gate.  I always see the most successful shops with new designs and styles do so well when they are stocked for when the kids are back at school.  Moms start shopping for back-to-school items and will remember to pick something up for themselves, too!  And many customers will want to see your clutches many times, comparing your clutch to another they have in mind, before they will commit to buying it!  So have your stuff ready and in that customer’s mind!

Oh, as promised, here are pics from my garden.  My Asiatic Lilies are up!  They’re HUGE!  My daughter Hayley is the model.  🙂  I didn’t plan on her outfit matching but that’s just how it worked out.  *yay!*  Oh, these lilies were from Costco.  I bought several bags.  They were a mixed bag of bulbs but each variety was in its own bag within the big bag – enabling me to plant them in groups that are alike.  These came up first, but my smaller lilies in red are just starting to bloom.  I have 2 other varieties that will come in late summer … ones that I will not be around this year to enjoy due to my move.  😦

Hayley amongst the lilies.

"Look Mom, am I taller now?" Oh, this photo was not "stretched" in any way. She's just that skinny and the lilies just reach that tall into the sky!

"No, the lilies are taller."

A pop of color amongst pure white!

These orange beauties are huge!

One cut stem has over a dozen blooms!

These deep berry ones are just starting to pop up. They grow lower to the ground and the blooms are the typical size you'd find in floral shops.

I had planted 5 flats of marigolds in yellows, oranges, and tri-colors. They have held up so well and have had a bloom all season!

I like to play with texture in my garden and prefer a lush look (much to my husband's dismay who would like it more manicured).

Hayley being cheeky as usual!

I hope these tips are helpful to you!  I hope you enjoyed the pics of my garden.  When I’m in a rut, one of my first trips is to a floral shop to see the colors on display. (I’m a visual learner!)

Enjoy and I’ll be back later tonight with one last post to give you all the scoop until July!


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Just listed: antique brass, Duskcoat(TM), Goldenlock(TM), and EleganceLock(TM) purse frames at PurseFramesOutlet

Happy Sunday to all!  Hope you are all enjoying this day and that it is beautiful wherever you are!

I will have several posts today because I will be moving all this week.  Craziness is sure to ensure and I want to make sure all is done!

This first post is to let you know that I was up til midnight posting all the PurseFramesOutlet FINAL SALE frames in the following styles and finishes.

Please check them out!

Antique Brass:

Upcycled antique brass 8x3 purse frame.

Duskcoat Gunmetal:

Upcycled Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM) purse frame


Upcycled Goldenlock(TM) purse frame

Nickel-free EleganceLock(TM):

Upcycled nickel-free EleganceLock(TM) purse frame.

Thank you to all with your encouraging “Atta girl!” comments about this new upcycled venture for my frames.  For those who have purchased, thanks for the great feedback as well!  Though I may be established at, when you have a new store, it helps to get feedback back!

Thanks and you’ll hear from me later today!


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Thank YOU!!!!

Thank you for all of you who have purchased my Snappy(TM) Clutch Wallet PDF and my upcycled purse frames at my store!!!!

Upcycling evolved out of recycling.  Upcycling “is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new products of a higher environmental value.”

This is great video explaining the trend of upcycling:

By offering a new design – my Snappy(TM) Wallet Clutch – I am able to re-use a subset of my useless, defective frames in a way that results in a new product that is better on the environment (it doesn’t have to be re-melted, or stripped using harsh industrial chemicals and solvents, etc…) and gives YOU a bigger profit margin.  You now have a new product to add to your product line at a different price point!

I know you all have been hoarding (there’s a show for that … :)) a stash of beloved scrap fabric, so now is the time to get those amazing little bits out and use them!  Those of you who can only have access to quilting cotton, now this is the perfect solution!

Learn all about upcycling trends.

It’s been a roaring success right out of the gate, and my research has paid off!

Here’s a post specifically about the upcycling trend by Etsy artists!

So thank you, thank you, for helping me to upcycle my beautiful frames that simply didn’t make the cut for  I would love to post pics of Snappy(TM) Wallet Clutches in a future post to see the many kinds of fabric designs out there!  So convo me with those pics or email me.  (I can’t re-post my email here since I’ve been getting spammers…)

Best ~ Winn

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Open for business!

Thank you all for your emails, convos, and encouragement with my second purse frames business,

I wanted to let you all know that it’s up and running.

You will see that the prices for the upcycled 8×3 nickel-free kisslock frames are very low.  Because of the low pricing (below $4 each), I will only sell them in sets of 5 and up.  They are as low as $3 each.

Please note that these are defective frames that have been inspected through our QC process 4 times total, and have been chosen for the Snappy(TM) Wallet Clutch design.  I had been doing this privately on a case-by-case basis for those in need, but I now have enough to do it on a wide scale.  These are clearance frames with minor defects on the outside of the frames.  These defects WILL NOT be seen in the final product of the Snappy Wallet Clutch.  Due to their defective nature, they are all final sales.  No returns. No exchanges. No refunds. No credits.
Thank you for allowing me to upcycle my otherwise wonderful frames.  It would be such a shame to throw these out when they can be put in a design that will increase your profit by lowering your materials cost.

Take a look!

Store front for

Holds IDs, credit cards, cash, wallet-sized school pics, pen, business cards, AAA card ...

You can add in straps to hold a pen!

Another 2-in-1 look!

Got nice scrap fabric in many designs? This is a great design to put those to use!

They will be shipped by Thy in Ohio.  Y will send you the password instructions through your order at the shop.  As with my other tutorial, as long as you keep your password, all future templates will be added free of charge to you.  Please note that this is a different password entirely since it is a different tutorial for a different product.

Thanks and have a great rest of the week.  I will be adding listings for upcycled Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM) and GoldenLock(TM) frames later this week.

Please note that these are first come, first served.  I have many but I don’t know what the run on these will be.  Thanks for your support!


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Debuting new 8×3 Goldenlock(TM) purse frame with LOOPS!

By popular request, here is the new 8×3 Goldenlock(TM) purse frame – now with loops!

Check it out ladies!  I’m very happy with the warm – not brassy – finish, and this will coordinate with my Goldenlock purse chains!

These will be listed tomorrow for sale.

8x3 Goldenlock(TM) purse frame with loops.

Same Perfect Fit 6(TM) u-channel and sturdy kisslock balls.

Triplets! Nickel-free, Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM), and Goldenlock!

Great for your warmer fabrics and high-end custom clutches.  Great for the bridal market!  Be on the forefront and pare it with white!  Gorgeous!!!

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Debuting new 6×3 antique brass with loops purse frame!

I’ve been working on this finish and I got it!  These bigger sizes always pose a problem for the antique brass finish, but for those who have bought my 8×3 antique brass, this is the same finish.

It’s just beautiful!  Take a look:

6x3 antique brass with loops!

These will be listed for sale tonight or tomorrow!

Same style as my nickel-free 6x3 with loops! Same kisslock balls and Perfect Fit 6(TM) u-channel.

The whole family!  Note:  I am sold out AGAIN of the 8×3 antique brass.  I should have it in 3-4 weeks as I just procured the raw materials.

Antique brass in 8x3, 6x3 and 3x1.5. The 4.5x3 might not be too far behind ... 🙂

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WOW! You guys are quick! … Introducing

Man, I did not know that WordPress also sends out an email on password-protected posts, too.  Sorry about that guys!

And boy, you guys are quick! 🙂

And no, the newest password-protected post will NOT work with your current password since it is a separate PDF tutorial that I’m launching with my new business.

I just got done with the PDF tutorial and the templates for that.

As I’ve mentioned a while ago (OMG, I’m soooooooo swamped with the move and the kids), I am launching a new business.  It will be up within 2 weeks!  (Well, it has to since I’m moving out of the country and all…)  *hehe*  No pressure!

Here’s a sneak peek to you all first:

Introducing the new Snappy(TM) wallet clutch!

Q:  What is

A: It’s my secondary business that I’m launching that will allow me to up-cycle my frames.  These frames were from my sister shop,

Q:  What kinds of frames are sold at

A:  After years of inspecting for the finest frames at, we have amassed a trove of frames that while the kisslock balls, hinges, and inner surfaces are still good, the outside surface has little marks that render them defective for our high-end line of frames sold at and used by the finest clutch makers.  The cost to ship, melt, and re-work these defective frames were too costly on the pocketbook and environment.  We have saved them so that we can still work with a subset of these defective frames.

Q:  How have they been used before?

A:  Frames like these had been donated and sold at a discount privately for those in need (single moms, women who lost their jobs, women who were otherwise in need of side income but didn’t have the money).  We finally have enough to do this on a large scale.

Q:  Why can’t I buy your frames from to make the Snappy(TM) wallet clutch?

A:  You still can, but why not pay a fraction of the full price for defective frames when you will not see the defects in your final product?  You pay less, and we get to up-cycle our fine frames with defects.

Q:  What else do I need to know?

A:  *They are all trademarks of and Khuong LLC.
*They are NOT returnable to OR
*They have all been tested for lead and they all have a proprietary 2-coat process that allows you to wipe off fingerprints easily.
*They were made in the same high standards, but had been weeded out for their minor defects from shipping or otherwise.

I am so thrilled to be launching this to you all first.  This new design will add another product to your lines of clutches.  It’s easier to make, adds another price point, AND….

*Lowers your material cost by having lower priced purse frames.
*Lowers your material cost because you can use scrap fabric from other projects.
*Lower your material cost because you can use the less expensive quilting cottons that are perfect for this project and are easily found at your local shops.

And lower material costs means a BIGGER PROFIT for you!

Thank you for your support of using our fine frames (however defective) because it also allows us to up-cycle these otherwise great frames.

So stay tuned!  It will launch within 2 weeks.  It will start shipping out June 21.  I will keep you posted and you will be the first to know!

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Protected: Snappy(TM) Wallet Clutch PDF

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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