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I use this Snappy clutch every day ... 🙂

I am just starting to get feedback for the Snappy(TM) wallet clutch tutorial and upcycled frames.  Here are some of them:

“Great tutorial!”

“very creative design! How do you come up with it?! Will always be your great fan and supporter.. The pdf is easy to understand and very detailed. I love how she upcycled and came out with a very creative design. If you have trouble understanding it, just ask, any of the sisters will gladly help you through it~”

“Very easy to retrieve instructions. Thanks so much.”

“Congratulations on another great shop! You are so inspirational and encouraging!! Keep up the great work, I love to see women succeed, and even better when women help other women as you are doing. You Rock!!”

“Cannot WAIT to try out the new pattern with the frame!! I’m so glad you were able to get this new shop up and running so quickly – I’m trying just 5, to see how they will go over with my customers, but I have a feeling I’ll need more – at least I HOPE so! Congratulations, Winn – another WIN product for you! Take care!”

“Hi Win, I love this wallet! Looking forward to trying out the pattern soon. 🙂 Thanks so much…”

“yay! You listed it! Congrats!”

Oh, here’s a little trivia for you … I was going to trademark it as the Milk Run(TM) wallet clutch — since I’m always running out to get milk for my 3 kids … and this design allowed me to carry my essentials for my milk runs!  I still might use that trademark for another design though.

This new design is much simpler to do than the Classic Day Clutch(TM), the TeaTime(TM) clutch, or especially, the Baguette(TM) Clutch.  In my design, I actually tried to design it to be done without any sewing since one of my customer’s friends was hospitalized and needed a skill to pick up and something to do while in the hospital.  Sadly, I couldn’t make this without a sewing machine, but the amount of sewing needed is very minimal.  I’m really happy with how it was constructed.

So I hope you will make use of your beautiful bits of fabric and give this a try!  I would love to see the many varieties out there.

On another update … let me keep you up-to-date on my move … though it seems like I’ve been talking about this forever!

As I’ve told everyone in January of this year, my family and I are moving to Viet Nam!  Actually, my husband’s been living there since March, and I’ve been in New Jersey with the kids putting the house up for rent (we finally got renters – YAY) and the kids just finished the school year on Friday!

*The packers are coming tomorrow and they are packing everything up!  We will be staying in a nearby hotel for a week.

*Tonight, we’re packing things we need for the hotel and short-term 2-3 weeks.

*Tomorrow, they pack and ship our air shipment which will take 2 weeks to get to Viet Nam and another 5 days to clear Customs.

*Tues, they are packing the sea shipment — all of our household goods — which will take 2 months to make it to our new home in Viet Nam.

*Weds. they are packing the rest that will be put into storage here in New Jersey that we are not taking.  I don’t think we’ll have much left … but you never know.

*Thurs., the carpet cleaners are coming and so are the housecleaners.

*Friday is the walk-through with my tenants and they move in!

*Saturday, me and my family fly out to Viet Nam.

*On July 14th, Canine Carriers will pick up Pax from my dog sitter and fly him to Viet Nam.  We’ll get him on July 16th.  He’ll be in a temperature-controlled cargo with an airline that transfers pets all over the world.  He’ll have comfort stops and water for the trip.

*And on July 16th, after Pax is with us, I will breathe!  🙂

I cannot wait to take pictures and show you my new adventures in Viet Nam.  We are really going to venture out and just take advantage of all Viet Nam has to offer!  We’ll be there for 3 years, but the kids and I might come back earlier due to the school year, just like we stayed here later as well.  I will be hunting for fabrics like it’s going out of style!

And how great is this?  My two best girlfriends are both moving to Asia within a month of me moving to Viet Nam!  Lisa, a principal in Oklahoma City, just got a job teaching 4th graders in Shanghai!  And Kimberly, a stay-at-home mom of 3, is moving to Japan due to her husband’s job as well!  Could I be any luckier? 🙂  (Name the character and show who says his lines in that intonation!)

Have a great rest of the week! I’ll keep you posted as always.



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  1. Thanks Bonnie! I totally feel like a military wife 🙂 Don’t know how you do it!! And thanks for playing! That was my quickest reply yet. Love watching Friends on reruns … timeless!

    Comment by Winn | June 27, 2011 | Reply

  2. Chandler in “Friends”.
    Hope your move goes very well. As a “Navy wife” I’ve done a lot of them. Sounds like your are very organized, and you are creative and flexible, so I know you’ll come through it beautifully. Bonnie

    Comment by leslieandlorraine | June 27, 2011 | Reply

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