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THANK YOU for your excitement!

Hey guys,

WOW!  You guys are lightning fast.  Emails are coming in fast and furious (well, not literally furious)  about the last post that popped up via the email subscription.  I just wanted to clarify that this is not related to the current PDF.  Those using your password will not be able to access it.  This is a brand new and completely different bag.  It will be available for purchase tomorrow.

My sister Y, in Florida, made a bag several months ago and got compliments on it at EVERY outing.  So I encouraged her to make a PDF so that others can learn and make to sell them as well.  It can be made using scrap fabric that I know you all have left over from making clutches and other projects.  When new PDFs are made, I have a Beta area where we upload it and test it to make sure that we can download it and it works.  We are in that stage right now.  🙂

So, as the title of the post says “Beta: Future Place to download the Reversible Patchwork Bag – Not yet available for sale! Stay tuned ….”

This is very timely because my next step is to let you know about this new exciting bag that you can add to your line of products in your shops or craft booth!  It’s very easy to do.

*As with my other PDFs, you guys know I cannot sew with a traditional (e.g. Butterick’s, McCall’s) pattern.  Like my middle child, I am a visual learner and linear thinker!  (Autism buzzwords that you might be familiar with!)

*So …there is one step per page with an accompanying picture.  It takes you step-by-step.  We have some steps just to explain and set up for the next step and require little to do!

*The PDF has also been formatted to be cut and stapled resulting in a mini instructional booklet allowing you to do one step per page.  It’s formatted so that it’s in a small size that will not take too much room on your sewing area.  You can do each step at a time and flip the page to get to the next step.  The entire PDF can be printed out on regular 8.5×11 paper on your desktop printer.

*The materials cost is minimal:  you can use beloved scrap fabric left-over from previous projects!  PDF will be priced at $8 similar to our other PDFs.

So with little money spent on materials, you can start your own craft booth and make some side income.  This project can even be hand-sewn if you don’t own a sewing machine.  (There are many who are struggling in this economy and have to pinch pennies.)  We strive to teach you a new skill that is a low-cost way to start your own business.  Just so “NO!” to quick-rich money-making scams that are on the Internet.  This is a PDF that will teach you skills to create meaningful, useful, functional and beautiful items that you can sell at your local church bazaar, school fundraiser or local crafts fair … or Etsy shop.

So here’s a look.  The listing for the PDF will be up tomorrow:  the hard copies are being formatted and will be sent to our trusty professional printer to print.  That listing will be up after we get the printed copies back from the printer.  Thy has to hand-cut and hand-assemble each book before we can ship them out.

New Reversible Patchwork Bag PDF - on sale tomorrow Jan. 13!

So stay tuned.  Once it’s listed, I’ll be back with a quick post to alert you.

THANK YOU for your interest and excitement!

~Winn and Y


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