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New PDF – Reversible Patchwork bag – NOW available for sale at Etsy!

It’s late on a Friday night here for me, which means it’s early Friday for you.  I’m exactly 12 hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time in the US.  My friend Lisa teased that I live “in the future” since I’m ahead by 12 hours.  After a hard New Year’s Eve, she asked me the next day “You are in the future.  How does 2012 look for me?”  I replied “The future is bright.  And you are hungover.”  🙂  (She’s a teacher.  I’ll toast to her anytime!)

So as promised, the new Reversible Patchwork bag is now available for sale at Etsy!

Here’s a snap:

The listing is up! PDF only for now. Hard copies (for those without desktop printers or who don't want to waste their ink) will be available soon!

Thanks again for your enthusiasm.  I am very excited for you to learn this new skill and add a new bag in your line of products to make, give, or sell!



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