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Of Interest: Pinterest

I have just started a new page for WhileBabyNaps at Pinterest.  This will work in concert with the promotions that I’ve been currently doing for Sellers to promote their clutches on the Facebook fanpage and Twitter.  The more eyeballs to your shops, the better the chances of you selling your clutches and getting your name out there.  If you are interested in being included in my marketing and promotions, you will first need to become listed as a Seller.  I choose clutches that meet the themes that I am coming up with (for example: red clutches for Valentine’s Day) from amongst the current bags from the shops on the Sellers page.  I only choose clutches that I know are made using my fine frames.

For all current shops on the Sellers page, please remember to note my trademarks for customers looking for clutches made from my frames.  As I’ve only made clutches for samples, kits, or for family, I do not make or sell clutches with my frames.  I always refer them to find a clutch maker on the Sellers page.  Customers will look at the list and the links contained the pics and names will take them directly to the Seller’s shop.

I just started this Pinterest page.  It takes a lot of time for me since my internet connection here is spotty.  Wah-wah.  😦  If you are not already on Pinterest and would like to join and create your own page, convo me for an invite.  I will need an email address to send invites to.  This is the email address that you will be using for your Pinterest account.  It’s in the beginning stages so I am just starting and learning as I go myself.  If you are already on Pinterest, convo me so I can check your boards and Follow you!  But here are a few things you should know:

1.  Pinterest is about pinning things you really love. So it’s not the same as say, Talbots or Ann Taylor putting their coupon codes and sales on their respective facebook fanpage or Twitter feeds.  But you, as an Etsy shop owner, for example, can pin up clutches that you’ve made so others can see and (hopefully) like and repin.  Then the people who see their pins might like and repin, and so on ….  Don’t just pin about your clutches or shop.  Remember to pin other things in your life that you really love!  This is a fun place that you can mix your work and your personal favorites!

For me, I love clutches.  So I’m going to pin clutches that I love.

I love my dog, Pax, a goldendoodle.  So you will see pins about Pax, like you’ve seen on my blog posts!  🙂

I dream of peace and quiet and white interiors are a favorite of mine.  Check out my pins of Katherine Hepburn’s house.  Its interiors are to die for.  It’s my forever home … as in it’ll be forever until I can own a home like that … LOL.  And when I do, it’ll be much smaller, not on a waterfront (cha-ching), and old and will need years of toil to refurbish it.  But I digress…


2.  It’s a highly visual medium and it’s awesome for visual learners, like me.  (You can also experience a huge time warp when you’re on it, so mind your time!)  Where Twitter is great for 140-characters on your iPhones and for when you are mobile and not on your laptop/desktop, Pinterest really allows me to showcase your clutches well.

3.  Follow others and repin others.  The more you interact, the more exposure you will get, and hopefully your pins will be re-pinned by others.

I'm working on these!

4.  Pinterest is about giving credit to where you found it.  So when I pin your clutches, guess what?  The credit goes to your shop where I found it!  Users who see your clutch and like will click on the “from” and it leads them to your shop.  Note that all have been truncated to “” by Pinterest, but go to my Pinterest page and try clicking on several clutches and you will see that it leads to the individual clutch maker’s shop.

Several clutches have had "likes" and "repins" 🙂

How to pin and how to create boards are easy.  One thing that really helps is getting the “pin it button” by clicking on the About menu.  When you come across something that you like, click on that on your toolbar and it automatically adds the link to the site.

Makes for easy work!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  I got the loveliest bouquet from the hubby.

Love the bright punches of color!

Talk soon!



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