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Paypal is throwing down with Square — and YOU benefit!

Exciting news!  Paypal is going to introduce their own mobile paying device that will be similar to Square.  Please note: is the domain name that the company “Square Inc.” or “Square” uses.  SquareUp, Square Up, Square up, and Square are all used through the media interchangeably.  They really should just change their main domain to  I don’t know why they are doing the reverse and directing it all to … anyways … just my humble opinion.  🙂

It is not yet known what features it will offer beyond those of Square, however, Paypal will have a lower transaction fee thereby undercutting what Square is currently charging.

Will Square answer back by lowering their transaction charge rate as well?  It’s yet to be seen, but this is very good news for small business owners, mom and pop shops, and those of you selling your clutches at arts and crafts fairs and bazaars.  It will be ubiquitous and your customers will be able to pay you with their credit cards.  You will be able to accept credit cards easily without any start-up or ongoing maintenance costs!

Check out the article.

More companies offering mobile payment devices means lower charges you'll have to pay!

Since Paypal is the #1 online credit card payment processor in the world, this news is huge.  The public trust is there with paying via Paypal’s secure encrypted network.  So for Paypal to come out with this mobile paying device, the adoption rate will be high.  It will probably link up with your existing Paypal accounts and you’ll have all your payments at one source.  This is seriously going to effect Square and I anticipate them doing something to mitigate this.

If you haven’t used Square already – a free device – I would like to poke a hot poker and get you to try it out.  Did I mention it’s free?  🙂  You can grow your business and craft fairs, school and church sales, home hostess parties ….

Oh, and it’s free..  🙂


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  3. Love, love, love Square. The price cut by PayPal is sooo minimal it won’t matter. Less than half a cent on a $10.00 purchase. I used PayPal’s credit card service in the past and it was Ok. It was also very expensive and it takes forever to find the phone number to call them with questions.

    I have not had any of those problems with Square and I will NOT be changing.

    Comment by Judy Demaree Bailey | March 16, 2012 | Reply

    • Good point Judy! I’m worried about putting all my transactions through Paypal. Not sure I want Paypal to handle all of it, however, I did just read on another blog that Paypal’s “Blue Dorito” card reader will allow customers who don’t have a credit card to pay via Paypal account and allow merchants to accept checks by taking a snap of it. On the other hand, many people use credit cards so that need is probably not so pressing.

      Comment by Winn | March 18, 2012 | Reply

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