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Prom clutches!

This is such a fun, fun post to do!  Prom time and if you are in need of a clutch, I hope these will give you great ideas.  They are all made by Sellers and you can see what’s all available in their individual shops!  These clutches will either go with gowns such as these shown, or they are reminiscent of some of the gowns based on the color or style.  Enjoy!


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Fabulous Fabric Clutches

That’s the actual description of Catherine’s shop, FabByCab, home to a variety of handmade clutches.  I like Catherine’s roomy clutches and sumptuous linings.  Her linen clutch wristlets are exemplary little pieces of art.

Who doesn’t like this little birdie?

Got an empress on your Christmas list?  This inner lining is a perfect complement.  Just beautiful!

This OOAK clutch features Windsor Castle. Any Kate fans out there? 🙂

Lastly, Catherine just debuted many fabulous plaid clutches that are just in time for the holidays and the winter season.  You don’t have to a Scotsman to love these plaids!  They go well with jeans, red/grey/black sweater and black winter boots!

One of the many plaid clutches new to Catherine’s shop.

Go check Catherine’s shop out!  She’s got many ready to ship to you for holiday gift-giving!

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If you are near, check these craft shops out!

Just read a quick article in USA Today’s Travel section.  Thought you might like to check these excellent craft shops out.

As you can see, these craft shops are trending up so if you are near, go take a look!  See what crafts are displayed.  If the store’s aesthetics fit, inquire about having them display several of your handmade, one-of-a-kind clutches!  It would be a great coup!

Check out the list of the top 10 places to shop for crafts by clicking on the pic below:


Have a great weekend everybody!


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2nd week new Twitter promotion

Just up on Twitter:  the next group of clutches made by clutch makers on the Sellers page.

I’m getting great comments on this exposure.  Will endeavor to keep promoting your work!

All are directed to the Facebook fanpage where they can go directly to your shops!

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In praise of the neutral rectangular purse frame

I am known for my plain ‘ol rectangular frame.  Nothin’ fancy to look at folks.

But there’s a reason to my madness after all:  it was designed to be neutral so that your art, your creativity, your fabrics and your embellishments can stand out — and not my frames.

I’ve often said that while I think my frames are the best there is, they are designed to be just that – to frame your work.  I do not want to detract from the true part of the clutch and that is the part where your artistry comes in.

I recently did a photo album of red clutches to promote my handbag makers for Valentine’s Day on the Facebook fan page.  All used my fine frames, but look at the variety!

The neutral frame allows your work to stand out!

Just a note on FB’s redesign of fan pages:  it does not allow the wall posts to be listed chronologically.  It’s nonsensical and I hope it will be changed.

But never fear!  Please know that every wall post of a clutch gets hundreds of post views.  It shows up on search engines and a lot of people stumble upon it.  I am happy to have noticed that there have been clutches that have appeared on the wall that have been sold.  Several have been sold many times over.

So keep posting your clutches on the wall at your pleasure.  And I’ll do my best to keep promoting your work!

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Clutches for the lucky one on Valentine’s Day!

Everyone please check out the Facebook fan page!

I just added an album of clutches that are amazing and available for purchase from various artisans for Valentine’s Day.  Spread the love and “like”!  🙂

See the amazing creativity.  I stayed with the tried-and-true reds but these artisans have many more clutches made from my fine purse frames available for sale:  for you, your sweetie, or best gf.

Here’s a small screen capture:

Click on the pic to go directly and see the album.

See what you like?  Each clutch has a direct link to the shop!  These are all lovingly handmade.

And they are one-of-a-kind — just like you!

Happy, happy Valentine’s Day!


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