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Prom clutches!

This is such a fun, fun post to do!  Prom time and if you are in need of a clutch, I hope these will give you great ideas.  They are all made by Sellers and you can see what’s all available in their individual shops!  These clutches will either go with gowns such as these shown, or they are reminiscent of some of the gowns based on the color or style.  Enjoy!


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Bridesmaids Clutches

In time for the Spring bride and bridesmaid, these gorgeous hand-made clutches will be the final touch for the wedding party.  Made by Natalie, these clutches are just a few of the wedding-related items available at her shop, Paperflora.  She makes the most exquisite hand-cut, hand-seared, and hand-beaded fabric flowers, too!

Look at the inner fabric!  What a way to remind you of your big day!

Look at the inner fabric! What a way to remind you of your big day!

These bridesmaid clutches are embellished with Natalie's hand-made fabric flowers.

These bridesmaid clutches are embellished with Natalie’s hand-made fabric flowers.

Pretty ruffled clutch with chain.

Pretty ruffled clutch with chain.

A great combo gift for the Spring bride.  Open the clutch for a little heartfelt surprise.

A great combo gift for the Spring bride. Open the clutch for a little heartfelt surprise.

Check Natalie’s shop for these and other clutches and bridal gifts.  If you have a friend who will be a Spring or Summer bride, be sure to share this!

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Handmade clutches: the light and the dark

There are still many days for Christmas shopping, and if you still have a girl on your list, check out these clutches.  Aesthetically, these two shops offer bold prints and brocade fabrics.  However,  visually they are both quite different in their presentation.  Both are handmade with care!  The first shop is AnOrangeBlossomBag by Michelle.  Take a look at her clutches as well as her bags and totes.  Look for my favorite tote with the vintage inspired newspaper print of Paris.

How did I neglect to include this Parisian clutch?

How did I neglect to include this Parisian clutch?

Greys and black on a white backgrounc.

Greys and black on a white background.

susan 4

Getting darker – another beautiful floral clutch.

Getting a little darker, but no less exquisite, are clutches beautifully handcrafted by Susan at Lulu Caswell Designs.  I love her clutches and the way they are captured on camera.

Makes you want to pull up a chair and join her for tea!

Makes you want to pull up a chair and join her for tea!

Gorgeous, rich colors on this Baguette Clutch(TM).

Gorgeous, rich colors on this Baguette Clutch(TM).

How beautiful is this fabric clutch paired with the antique brass frame?

How beautiful is this fabric clutch paired with the antique brass frame?

Click on the photos above to go to Michelle’s and Susan’s shops and Happy Shopping!

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Fabulous Fabric Clutches

That’s the actual description of Catherine’s shop, FabByCab, home to a variety of handmade clutches.  I like Catherine’s roomy clutches and sumptuous linings.  Her linen clutch wristlets are exemplary little pieces of art.

Who doesn’t like this little birdie?

Got an empress on your Christmas list?  This inner lining is a perfect complement.  Just beautiful!

This OOAK clutch features Windsor Castle. Any Kate fans out there? 🙂

Lastly, Catherine just debuted many fabulous plaid clutches that are just in time for the holidays and the winter season.  You don’t have to a Scotsman to love these plaids!  They go well with jeans, red/grey/black sweater and black winter boots!

One of the many plaid clutches new to Catherine’s shop.

Go check Catherine’s shop out!  She’s got many ready to ship to you for holiday gift-giving!

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Clutches with hand-finished OOAK fabric

Ok, so you want a truly unique gift for the holidays?  As part of my series to bring you the best collection of clutches, today I am highlighting two women who not only make their own clutches, but also hand finish the fabric with their own unique finishes.

Jan, of Jan and Paul Creations, is known for her butterflies on her clutches, pillows and scarves.  These are not ordinary pictures of butterflies though.  The ones on her fabric are enhanced digital prints from original photos that her husband, Paul, has photographed.   Customers absolutely love her original creations!

This reminds me of the blue Morpho butterfly. Gorgeous iridescent blue on this original hand-made clutch and fabric.

This is made with golden thread using four different layers to achieve this magnificent sheen.

The next clutch seller that I would like you to meet is Delores of Lella Rae.  The work that she puts into her clutches are simply mind-numbing.  She has clutches made from fabric that is hand-dyed, hand cross-stitched, and hand-embroidered.  My fingers and wrists are numb just thinking of the work that she lovingly puts into her clutches!

My friend Kelley, a dragonfly fanatic, would absolutely love this clutch! Look at the delicate hand-beading and lace work!

Have a music lover, pianist, or piano teacher in your life? This would be the perfect gift for that lucky person on your Christmas list!

There are many more clutches at both of their shops!  If you would like to see Jan’s and Delores’s selection of clutches available for sale, simply click on the pictures to get to their respective shops.

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Your Clutch handbag collection in Reds and Greys

Who wouldn’t want this collection of beautiful clutches?  Well, to get it, you’d have to shop at all five stores from these great women!  Click on the photos to go directly to their shops.

This first clutch is made by Malaika over at HMDDesigns.  Just like Jenn, Malaika has a new opportunity that is a blessing for her and her family.  After home-schooling her kids for 8 years, Malaika has found a new career that gives her and her family much-needed healthcare benefits!  I am very excited for Malaika in her new job, but I will miss her designs.  In addition to making clutches, Malaika’s shop also has these brilliant mustache wallets.  Just in time for Movember!

Red wool plaid clutch handbag. Perfect for the season!

This second clutch is handmade by Nancy at NancyEllenStudios.  Nancy and her sewing machine can crank out some amazing and varied arts and crafts.  Check out her other clutches and bags, but also browse for the snowman soft cuddly toy!  Really good work!

Red and white chevron clutch. Love the embellishment!

Another well done handmade clutch is the gray chevron clutch made by Sarah at BobLovesEleanor.  Sarah has lots of other cluches, bags, and totes.  Check out her bright Spring Street reversible Bin Bucket!

Gray chevron clutch in the most popular size – 8 inches.

How cute is this Eiffel tower clutch in white and dark shades of gray?  I love its roominess.  Made by Stacey at BagsByStacey, there are also many other clutches, bags, and wristlets for your Christmas list.

Gray and white Eiffel Tower wallet clutch.

Speaking of Eiffel Tower, a place that my daughter has wanted to go since she was three years old, here’s another clutch featuring it.  For you Francophiles, this is a perfect holiday gift!  It’s made by Mona at Mona’s Box & Bags.  She also has some chevron makeup clutches and lots of other bags at her shop.  Mona will have a sale from Nov. 23 – 30th for 20% OFF.  Use the code BLACKFRIDAY2012 at her shop.

The French Vacation clutch featuring the Eiffel Tower. No need to spend a bundle when you can have this!

I will be curating and promoting some more clutches, shops and the amazing women who make these by hand.  No robots are used in the production of them ;).  I hope you will peruse these shops and find that perfect gift for some lucky person on our list!

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Vintage Kimono Clutches

Looking for a holiday gift for someone special on your list?  Whether it’s for your mom, sister, grandma, best girlfriend, aunt, or babysitter, a handmade clutch handbag is a treasured, useful and thoughtful gift.  As part of my holidays promotions, I will be highlighting original clutches handmade by amazing women.

One woman in particular was just mentioned in my previous blog.  Erin is a mom of 2 and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Erin is the originator of using vintage kimono fabric to make her clutches.  Her eye for fabric and fabric placement is quite keen.  Her clutches are truly treasured gifts and she sells at local arts and crafts shows as well as online through her shop on Etsy.  My relationship with Erin goes back about 3 years and I am endlessly impressed at how giving she is to her fellow clutch makers from encouraging to supporting others with her experience.

This handmade clutch is made with original vintage kimono fabric. This clutch is a beautiful rendition of the peacock clutches that we’ve seen. It goes well for the holidays with a LBD (little black dress) or for a spring wedding.

Erin only uses vintage kimono clutches.  She has them imported from Japan!  These are the real deal.

Love the bold color!

How stunning is this coin purse? Beautiful chrysanthemum!

If you are looking for a clutch, Erin has a huge selection with many price points.  Please check Erin’s shop out!

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