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How to sell your clutches with an in-home crafts fair.

I get all sorts of emails from my wonderful and loyal customers, and sometimes there is great information that I think other customers can benefit from.  Like Erin who offered her great tips about selling at arts and crafts fairs so that others could benefit from, Susan of Lulu Caswell has graciously offered some tips for you to have success selling clutches at your in-home crafts fair.

With two years of selling her clutches at her house, Susan has wonderful helpful tips.  In fact, she sells the majority of her clutches off the Net!  Here are some tips:

1. Invite other craftsters to display their goods in your home.  More will come when you have a house party for handmade clutches, jewelry, and quilts (for examples) than just clutches alone.  Susan sold nearly $1000 in clutches on one Sunday from 12-4pm!  With this, she was able to pay off her husband’s tuition for one month.  GO Susan!!!

2. Promote amongst your friends via your social networks of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc…  Be sure to ask them to come (don’t be shy!) and to share the post with their friends.   How about “Hey, I would love for you to come.  I would really appreciate your support and would love to see you and catch up over some munchies while you check out all the goodies!  If you cannot come, I would appreciate your support by sharing this post on your Wall with your friends.”

3.  Go on to Etsy and solicit other local craftsters/artisans to display their goods at your in-home crafts fair.  Susan didn’t know most of them, but that didn’t deter her from asking them to participate in her second year.  She had 6 other vendors join her at her home and about 40-50 guests who came, even some customers from the previous year.  These things build so hopefully she will have even more attend next year.

4.  To get more foot traffic and eyes, create a flyer and post them at local churches, at the kids’ schools, and at the local community hall.  Ask the other vendors to do their share of posting the flyers and promoting the event to their network of friends.

5.  For a smaller, intimate affair, do an evening show with just your clutches and serve wine and cheese.  Email it to ALL your girlfriends and ask them to pass the email to a girlfriend and to bring a girlfriend!

Selling your clutches at your home is just another avenue for you.  It is one that costs very little (take out that folding table and throw a nice sheet to cover as table linen!) yet is one that will allow customers to get to know you.   People buy from people, and this direct selling has worked for the biggest companies like Avon, Mary Kay, and Lia Sophia.

Take a look at some of the pictures from her last in-home craft fair.

Susan's sumptuous table of clutches.  Look at all the variety of colors and textures!

Susan’s sumptuous table of clutches. Look at all the variety of colors and textures!

This paper maker did really well.

This paper maker did really well.

This craft fair was held before the holidays.  These would make great gifts for a little girl!

This craft fair was held before the holidays. These would make great gifts for a little girl!

The woodworker also sold really well!

The woodworker also sold really well!

I can smell these scents through my screen!

I can smell these scents through my screen!

The woodworker, the baker, and the candlestick maker?  :)  The baker brought her goodies, too!

The woodworker, the baker, and the candlestick maker? 🙂 The baker brought her goodies, too!

I want to thank Susan for her generosity in sharing these tips with her fellow clutch makers.  If you are a fellow artisan in the Fall River, MA area, be sure to contact Susan at her shop to plan the next in-home craft fair.  You’ll be glad you did!


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Supporting some funny women

It’s a lazy rainy Sunday here and I’m busy with my 3 kids, stealing time reading something funny.  Do you have sisters?  Do you like funny?  I’d like to share a blog that I follow and love because it’s just so well-done, creative and funny.  I think you’d like it, too.

The blog is The Middlest Sister.  It’s written by the oldest sister of 5 girls highlighting the foibles of the middlest sister.  And as one of 5 girls myself, I had to give this blog a look-see.  And I LOVE it. It’s so hilarious.  She has a large and devoted following and hopefully will come out with a book!

Nicole, the blogger, does so much more than just blog.  She creates these amazing scenes with paper to convey the funnies.  I know how you all love and honor handmade and this is as handmade as it gets!  I really consider her work to be art –  made using scissors and paper.  The detail in each frame is not to be missed!  I am excerpting several of my favorite frames made by Nicole at  These are just a teaser.  For a whole TROVE of funny stuff between sisters and siblings, head on over to her blog.  You can also click on the following pics to go directly to that post as well.

ALL the posts are funny, but this was one of my favorite episodes for detail.

This was my favorite from a setting-up-the-shot-like-a-director standpoint.

How brilliant is this overhead shot with receding figures in the distance?

This is part of a 3-parter on the family’s pet, Mr. Cotton.

She is so good with the making of the facial expressions. Nicole conveys so much with paper.

So hop on over to The Middlest Sister and enjoy your Sunday.  🙂


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