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“What the interface?!?”

Did you know that all manufacturers of fusible interface have a hard time keeping consistency in their fusible interface?

Take a look:

The variance in Pellon

And this is not because the top one is looser on the first 3 “rolls” and the bottom one is packed tighter.  If you look at the relative size of the fleece, you can see how much fluffier the top bolt is compared to the bottom bolt.  Yes, the labels are different but it’s the same product and product codes.  After many frustrations of ordering and sending bolts back, I found out that making fusible interface is an imperfect art — even though it’s mechanized.

With Pellon’s wide breadth of fusible interface (which I love, love, love), from batch to batch, there can be as much as a 15% variance!  So how bad is 15%?  Well, think about how terrible it would be to lose 15% of your annual salary, or 15% of your monthly sales revenue!

To have this much variance in fusible interface and the making of your clutches is HUGE especially when we are dealing with millimeters in the channel width of purse frames.  Too snug and it’s like squeezing on skinny jeans after a Thanksgiving meal!  *Whoa Nelly!*   Too thin of interface will yield an unsightly gap in your frame requiring crimping or cording to ‘stuff’ the channel.

Just like the manufacturing of metal purse frames —  there are variances and errors.  Just like with the interface, I personally inspect and check every frame from defects that the laser eye and inspectors can miss.  But mistakes can happen, just like the photo above demonstrates.  So make sure you work with a seller whose products you can depend on (hint: that’s me) and who will give you a full refund should mistakes happen.  As I’ve said before:  my sales are never final and you will always get a 30-day full refund.


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  1. I loved your post.Much thanks again. feeededdfead

    Comment by Johng732 | May 18, 2014 | Reply

  2. […] get these types of questions a lot, and I always refer those who ask to my blog post about the 15% variance in interface that exists. Click on the link or pic to access this previous […]

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  3. […] I do want to alert my long-time users of this size that the u-channel is smaller by a smidge.  For those with a really accurate caliper … less than .05mm.  It falls within the variance but it’s not exact as I would like.  There should not be any difference in the usage and functionality with that small of a variance.  You will not need to switch up your fabrics or interface. […]

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  4. Yeah, I like knowing my vendor has such a keen eye for detail! I’ve sometimes thought I was “crazy” noticing variances like this with same brand interfacing. Still like working with 987F!
    Secondly, maybe you can simplify the difference between fleece and thermolam, esp as it pertains the purse-making.

    Comment by dsmasuda | September 15, 2010 | Reply

    • The 987F is their most popular one used, but unfortunately, it varies so much. I hand-pick the bolts used for the clutches and will be selling those with my frames too. Kinda like matching them with my frames. The simple difference between the fleece and Thermolam(R) is that the latter is a loftier, fluffier fleece. It’s Pellon’s registered trademarked fleece. I use them both depending on the fabrics and frames…

      Comment by Winn | September 19, 2010 | Reply

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