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How can you get up to 50% OFF?

It has occurred to me that the Etsy buyer may not have fully realized the considerable volume discounts in the wholesale price of my metal purse frames.  Granted it is a different audience than my professionals who buy in bulk.  But nonetheless, based on the small orders that come through my Etsy shop, I’ve realized that I should do the math and show the savings that is in the volume purchases.

So I’ve just spent many hours on Etsy re-listing my items to show these savings.  Each product listing has the volume discounts for that specific frame.

For example, my most popular frame is my 8×3 nickel-free purse frame(TM) with kisslock closure.


8x3 kisslock


Here are the savings … the more you buy up front, you more you save!

(1) 8×3 frame = regular price $5.99
Set of 5 = 17% off
Set of 10 = 21% off
Set of 20 = 25 % off
Set of 25 = 27% off
Set of 50 = 29% off

… If you are making clutches to sell, are you taking full advantage of the discount up front?

What this may mean to you is that someone buying a set of 20 frames up front (an amount that is not even enough clutches to set up an Etsy shop, have a booth, or a table at a crafts fair) already has 25% OFF the price instead of buying 1!  Compared to another clutch-maker who bought a set of 5, this clutch-maker who bought a set of 20 has saved an additional 8% and has a lower cost of goods.

Take a look at the savings for the Skinny Bride(TM) EleganceLock(TM) frames, designed with the narrower channel for thinner and finer fabrics like silks and bridal satins.  (And these clutches typically have a higher average retail price than the standard cotton clutches!)


8x3 Skinny Bride(TM) with EleganceLock(TM)


(1) 8×3 frame = regular price $6.25
Set of 5 = 20% off
Set of 10 = 25% off
Set of 20 = 28 % off
Set of 25 = 30% off
Set of 50 = 36% off

… An order for a bride and her bridal party can be 4-9!  (Ok, my opinion, but 9 is craaazy!)  So a set of 25 frames may only last 3-4 bridal customers yet the clutch-maker who orders this will have gotten 30% OFF up front or is at a 10% advantage over someone who purchased only a set of 5!

Now, in truth, it’s my bulk purchasers at 500 frames or chains who get the lowest volume discounts.  (You can see these volume discounts from 100+ at my webstore   FYI, those who order more than 500 still get the price at the 500 level because that is the floor price: it does not get any lower.  So while you may not yet be at that level, you can get 30-40% off on the frames at the set of 50 level.  And I have quite many sales at the 50 level on Etsy.

So check out the listings at my Etsy store and at my webstore  And plan your purchases to save!  With my Columbus Day Sale discounts on top of that, I’m really rewarding those who are loyal and those who are stocking up for the holiday gift-giving buying time.  Remember the old saying “Go big or go home!”

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A thank YOU Sale! (Columbus Day Weekend!)

A 2-day SALE!  Columbus Day SALE as my thanks!!

Thanks to all of you who listened and responded to me with your honesty and empathy.  You all really lifted my spirits up.  So moving on the better things … 🙂  These 3 are my reasons:


Yippeeee!!! (First day of school!)


It’s Columbus Day Weekend!  I used to live in Columbus, Ohio (go Buckeyes!) so I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday weekend!

To take advantage of the weekend when my husband can help take care of the kids and I can work, I am giving an unprecedented 2-day sale.

So place your order this weekend and get the following:

*15% OFF total purchase for your order (excluding shipping) over $200

*20% OFF total purchase for your order (excluding shipping) over $400

*25% OFF total purchase for your order (excluding shipping) over $600

**This is on top of the volume discount pricing that is in the price.  Did you know that handbag makers who stock up and buy in bulk can save up to 67% OFF the original price? Check my webstore for these volume discounts. **

Terms of the offer:

This covers any and all items at and my webstore  One time use only.  No additional discounts apply.  Effective midnight Saturday 10/9/10.  Expires midnight Monday EST 10/11/10.

***Important:  For Etsy users, you must convo me at my Etsy store with your order needs to do a Custom Listing.***  Discounts will be taken off immediately in the price …. no need to wait for a refund!

***For webstore customers, please order in bulk at my webstore as normal.***  Your discount will be given to you via a refund back to your Paypal account.)

Plan your inventory and stock on now to make enough clutches for the holiday rush!   It will be an advantage to have clutches available for sale for the holidays by November!

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