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BIG NEWS!! Last week SALE in 2010! Shop redesign coming in 2011.

UPDATE:  I mistakenly gave the 15% OFF on other finishes when I was updating my Etsy shop.  For example, antique brass was listed for this sale, when it was not under the original sale.  So, I’ve changed the terms to cover ALL frames, not just NICKEL-FREE frames, in order to rectify my mistake.

… So buy any frames and for purchases over $100 (frames only), you will get an additional 15% OFF the listed price.  (This includes the VOLUME discounts already in the listed price.)  No other discounts apply.


Thank you all for a wonderful year.  All your support has been amazing and I LOVE getting your feedback and requests.  Keep ’em coming.

I know many of you had been busy making your clutches in time to give and to sell for the holidays.  Raise your hand if you’ve been partaking in any after-holiday shopping!

Speaking of which, Joann’s been having some amazing sales.  Be sure to sign up for their emails.  I love getting their mailers, too, and clipping out those “40% off any cut of fabric” coupons.  Nothing beats holding, seeing, and comparing fabrics in your hand!

Coupon for 40% off if you sign up to get their email good until Jan.8! This was part of that email.

So while you enjoy the last few days of 2010, I want to wish you all a safe and wonderful last week of 2010.  I have 2 announcements:

1. With the difficulty to import Gutermann glue due to the costs and time to import and Customs Regulations, I will be selling glue bundled with my frames.  Since it takes me so much to import and sell them, my inventory is limited and I want to limit it the quantity that I have to handbag makers who buy it to use with my frames.  (I will sell Gutermann glue in bulk quantities for others (accessories) if they buy 10 tubes+.)   Other handbag makers who buy frames from other frame sellers, will have to buy their glue elsewhere.  Why not limit what glue I do have to those who support my business?  For this support, I will discount the price when bundled.  SO …. you can buy the frames separately, but you will not be able to buy the glue separately:  you will only be able to buy glue bundled in with frames.  But this will be discounted so for all you who are so supportive and loyal, guess what?  You get another discount when I bundle them!  Look for new pricing and more on this next week.

2.  Get a 15% refund (or straight away via custom listing at my Etsy shop) off any purse frames for purchases over $100.00.  Contact me for a custom listing or order a la cart and I will refund you via Paypal.

Sale is good from when this post hits your email box until midnight Dec. 31, 2010!!!

Please take advantage of this sale, and please note that once the deadline has passed, it cannot be extended for any reason.



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