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Why nickel-free?

One of the top questions that people ask me is “why nickel-free”?  As the originator and creator (ie. the first to manufacturer nickel-free)  of the nickel-free coating for metal purse frames, I’m proud that my work results in a fine finish to show off your clutches.  You don’t have to have a nickel-free allergy to enjoy the 2-coat finish that allows fingerprints to wipe with ease.

“Is it better?”

The short answer is “Yes”.  I believe that it is.  That’s why I’ve spent a lot of time and research in coming up with a trademarked nickel-free finish for my purse frames.

The long answer is:

1.  I have an allergy to nickel and cannot wear nickel earrings, for example.  (swollen, red, itchiness that eventually develops into a lot of grossness)  Yes, that’s my medical description.  🙂

2.  I am sensitive to the topic of allergies, in general, because one of my sons has a severe food allergy.  (Yes, hospitalizations and Epi-Pens galore!)

3. When I did research into nickel-free, I found that this allergy is a rising allergy, just like peanut allergy, gluten allergy, egg allergy, milk allergy, and soy allergy have all risen dramatically for my kids’ generation.

4.  I like the sheen of .925 sterling silver but do not like the tarnish.  So with my fine nickel-free metal purse frames(TM), I have achieved the white-silver look that I want without the tarnish.

Here’s a snippet from a very recent article on the rise of nickel allergy.  You can read the entire article here:

The rise of nickel allergy.

My process used for my trademarked nickel-free purse frame is similar to the process used in jewelry.   (Beyond having the lobster clasp closures on my chains, again, this is where my knowledge and work as a jeweler helps!)  I have to use a plating company that has the nickel-free process and you will not find this in industrial uses … only jewelry.  So despite what you might have heard, nickel-free is NOT cheaper.  Not by a long shot.  Call any plating company here in America.

Now that I have competitors selling knock-off, cheap, imitators of my nickel-free purse frames(TM), I don’t take this imitation as flattery.  Are they even tested for lead?

Ask that seller, why do you offer nickel-free?  How did you get the idea?

So handbag makers can list that their clutches made from my nickel-free frames(TM) are tested for lead and has a fine 2-coat finish extending the life of the clutch.  It will wear well!   Handbag makers should also note that it is “Trademarked to and Khuong LLC.”


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