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15% OFF total purchase ends soon*!

*The 15% OFF total purchase of $100 off any frames is ending soon.  It ends Dec. 31 midnight EST.  *smooches*

Plan well:  (it’s my best offering until 11/11/11 when I celebrate my next anniversary)

*Valentine’s Day:  this is a big one.  Great time for guys to get their gals a gift!  Or get your girlfriend a gift!  Great time to get your clutches listed on your Etsy shops to get a Treasury spot!  Incorporate bloody reds, sparkling silvers and blush pinks in your designs so it goes with the occasion but can be used all year-round.  Don’t limit it to heart motifs that, while cute, doesn’t wear well for use on other occasions.

*Spring collections:  Yes, it’s time to think about that already.  Take a cue from Vogue, Elle, and other fashion mags to see the color pallet.  You will need to start designing, planning, and making your clutches to have them ready for sale for the spring weather.  Do keep in mind that Southerners will have spring fare earlier than those up north.

*Spring arts/crafts shows:  check your local arts and crafts shows listings and plan for the audience.  There will be some shows in January but the show circuit will pick up in Feb. and March.  You can save by registering in advance and then start making for the show.

Plan well to do well!

And be well 🙂




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