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New frames – limited

As I’ve been doing a verrrryy sloooooooowww transition of my shop, the inventory has been kinda haywire.  It has been criss-crossing the country.  I must be FedEx’s favorite customer!  🙂

Thank you for your patience.  Thank you for your loyalty.  Thank you for your kind words.

I’ll be listing these tonight … but here are 3 new frames sizes.  Right now, they are in limited quantity.  Depending on the feedback that I get, I may have them as permanent fixtures on my shop and will get more produced.

I have more back in stock this week:  8×3 EleganceLock with loops, 8×3 Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM), and 4.5×3.

All are made with the same size kisslock balls as before, and with my trademarked Perfect Fit 6(TM) u-channel!

9×3 nickel-free purse frame(TM) with loops:

9x3 nickel-free purse frame kisslock with Perfect Fit 6(TM)

9×3 GoldenLock(TM) purse frame with loops:

9x3 GoldenLock(TM) purse frame kisslock LOOPS with Perfect Fit 6(TM)

10×3 Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM):

10x3 Duskcoat Gunmetal(TM) purse frame kisslock with Perfect Fit 6(TM)

I have coordinating Goldenlock(TM) purse chains but no pictures yet.  Those will be on sale later on this week as well.

On the antique br*ss frames (!#@!*^$:P)  — I’m still plugging away at them.  Very frustrated.  I just cannot find a consistent high quality finish.  I refuse to sell anything subpar and until I can get a good production that has that high quality finish that I like, I will have to continue to encourage you to get it from other sellers.  I know, and I appreciate the sentiments about the quality of my antique br*ss frames.   I really appreciate it. It’s because of your convos and emails that I will continue to work on them.

I will have all new longer shoulder-length antique brass chains with lobster claw.  Those turned out great!

And my sister Thy (T) will be doing the shipping of the orders as she is joining the business.  She’s a stay-at-home mom of 2 of the cutest nephews that I have.  My kids and her kids are the best of buds.  🙂  I’ll have a pic of her home office up soon as well!

Thanks and all my best, always.  ~Winn


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