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Debuting the new 3×1.5 purse frame!

Debuting another style — the new 3×1.5s.  I LOVE the new size of the kisslock balls!  (Insert “That’s what she said” here.)  🙂

Just when I thought these little guys could not get any cuter … I think you’re going to really love this new look.

New 3x1.5 inch nickel-free purse frame on the right.

The previous style appears on the left.  Please note:  the way it is positioned in the picture above is an optical illusion as they are both the exact same size frame — 3×1.5.  The only change is in the more pronounced kisslock balls.

These new kisslock balls are the same 12mm size as my 6x3s and 8x3s and 10x3s.  I think it adds a new prominence and makes this little one more substantial in style.

The best part?  Even though there is more metal used to make the larger kisslock balls, I was able to keep the price the same due to producing a larger amount!  YAY to volume discounts!!!

Take a look!

Measurement - substantial weight 12mm kisslock balls.

I should have them up and listed some time tonight.


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