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Helpful Hints – a collection of the best tips!

I have a lot of posts and this WordPress format makes it hard to find them.  So here’s my collection of my most helpful hints for you to refer to.

So when you want to know about making clutches, these posts have helped hundreds of clutch makers.

Time saving tips and tricks to making clutches:

*How to minimize wrinkles.

*How to squeeze all those layers of interface and fabric into your frame.

*How to shorten your time making a clutch.

>>>Read this:

*How to save time squaring off your corners.

>>>Read this:

*How to save time for non-directional fabric and you don’t want a bottom seam.

>>>Read this:

Technical info on purse frames:

*Why nickel-free is better for your potential customers.

>>>Read this:

>>>And this:

*What about the lead content?

>>>Read this:

*What else makes our purse frames the finest purse frames.

>>>Read this:

*Why the rectangular purse frame?

>>>Read this:

*Why the U-channel width is important for making clutches.

>>>Read this:

*Why you should pick the right size U-channel!

>>>Read this:×3-nickel-free-purse-frametm-with-kisslock-loops-in-perfect-fit-6tm/

*What to look for in a purse frame with kisslock ball closures.

>>>Read this:

>>>And this:

*What to look for in the finish of your “silver” purse frame.

>>>Read these:

*About my trademarked DuskCoat Gunmetal(TM) and GoldenLock(TM) finishes

>>>Read this:

*Why I cannot get you that frame as shown in that picture that you sent me …  🙂

>>>Read this:


*Why making specific recommendations on what fusible interface you should use is not a good idea.

>>> Read this:

>>>And this:

Gutermann glue:


>>>Read this:

*Why I can’t ship it internationally.

*Why I price it the way I do …

>>>Read this:

Shipping:  (Yes, we combine ship and refund you the excess shipping charge from Etsy.)

*What size boxes we use.

*How much it costs within the US

*How much it costs outside of the US

>>>Read this and see the box dimensions, too:

General Business and Marketing:  **This is, perhaps, the most important section for starting and having a succesful clutch business**

*How you can get listed as a seller on my blog.

>>>Read this and provide me with your info:

*What you can do to increase your chances of making a sale!

>>>Read this:

*How to save money and cut your materials cost like the pros!

>>>Read this:

*How to ship internationally without standing in line at the post office.

>>>Read this:

*How to give your customer more in one clutch.

>>>Read this:

*How to get more exposure to your clutches and shop.

>>>Read this:

>>>Read this:

*Tips for selling at arts and crafts fairs

>>>Read this:

*What does it take to start your own clutch business.

>>>Read this:

*Why Etsy is a great place to start … but are you missing out on other opportunities?

>>>Read this:

Why I do what I do:

>>>Read this:

>>>Read this:

And this:


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  1. Do you sell purse kits with material and pattern? I will be learning, which kit is best?

    Comment by Lois | June 26, 2014 | Reply

  2. thanks for summarizing it all in all post! I have favorite this article and been following on your tips… there such a great help:D

    Comment by ourblueiguana | May 30, 2011 | Reply

    • I’m so glad you found this catalog of tips, and the tips themselves, to be useful! It was a lot of work, so I really appreciate it!!!! xo

      Comment by Winn | May 31, 2011 | Reply

      • yes,i can tell u put alot of work and heart into it too:D

        Comment by ourblueiguana | May 31, 2011 | Reply

  3. […] And from the looks of the hits that my blog is getting, it looks like you guys really liked my last post!  Thanks and I hope the Helpful Hints Collection it will be a good reference for […]

    Pingback by Purse frame Inventory status: 8×3 nickel-free kisslock with LOOPS! « ClutchMe.Wordpress.Com | April 26, 2011 | Reply

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