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Snappy(TM) Wallet clutch – download the latest version!

Hi all from the other side of the world!  I made it here fine and after 5 days on the ground, the kids are just starting to adjust to the local time.  It’s p.m. here to your a.m.  There’s currently 11 hours difference than East Coast time!
I will post pics when I can find my camera cord to the computer.  I just got the Internet up and running today so I thought I’d do a quick post before hitting the sack!  I’ve been running around getting things done for the house here as we have only what we packed in our luggage.  Our air shipment won’t be here for another 10 days.  Many things are needed just to make a meal:  eg. after I boiled the spaghetti, I realized I didn’t have a strainer,  and when I went to cut the mango, I didn’t have a knife.  Little things that cause you to improvise…  🙂

Just a note for those who bought the Snappy(TM) Wallet Clutch, please use your existing password to access the tutorial that I recently updated.  I revised Step #1 to include a new picture and notes to trim your templates to fit the width of the frame before tracing them onto the interface.  What 2 of you have done is cut on the outside edge of the template causing extra length, which can cause puckering.  To prevent this, you only have to trim it to fit.

Please go to the PDF Order and sign in to download the most recent tutorial.  The templates remain the same.  I will make changes and additions to this tutorial and add new templates as time goes on, but please keep your password, which you can use to access it for free.  (If you lose it, it will be $5 to resend it to you.)

Thank you for the photos of your Snappy wallet clutches!  I love the variations.  Keep them coming!

Thanks and I’ll post again soon.


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