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Quick update!

I hope this finds you all well!  It’s been a crazy September and I cannot believe Halloween is right around the corner.  My kids have a week-long fall break coming up and we’re heading to Seam Riep, Cambodia for a 5-day trip to visit Angkor Wat and other temples.  I’ve been working on some videos and it’s been a hit or miss.  After seeing myself on camera, I’ve realized that I am officially middle-aged.  🙂

You have also been kind enough to ask about my grandmother and have sent wishes for her good health.  I’m happy to say that we still have her and she has more good days than bad days.  Her mind is still quite keen but her body is just worn out after being on Earth for almost a century.  Her muscles have long atrophied and she spends her day seeing the world from the vantage point of her bed, though she does get wheeled out to the front yard to see the world go by for 30 minutes a day.  It’s still the highlight of my week to visit with her and tease her.  She is very opinionated and can give the nursemaid and her grand kids quite a bit of grief like any cantankerous old lady, but amazingly, I’m the only one who gets away with ribbing her.  I will do just about anything to get her to laugh.
Here are some pics of our visit with her 2 weeks ago.  With so many kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids around, she got confused and asked if we were getting together because she was dying.  Hahahaha.  I told her “No, Gram.  It’s just lunch.”  🙂

My middle son also loves his Great-Gram, but is quite enamored with his DSI.

My 2 youngest ones: Hayley cuddling up with Pax.

Once Term 2 of school begins, it will a little quieter allowing me to get some more work done.  The electricity goes off and on about 4 times a day, a real pain when you are in the midst of working on the computer!  My internet connection speed is so abysmal that I do not get much done with my videos.   I just got an amazing blue miniskirt that I am wayyyyy too old to wear as a skirt;  however I got it because it was on clearance and for the beautiful fabric of overlapping sequins of various tones of blue.  That will be my next bag!  I think I’ll go with a cross-body.

Here’s a look at the beautiful sequins.  What do you think?

This will become my cross-body clutch to wear with my white pants, espadrilles, navy or red top.

I will be back soon with news about our annual Etsy anniversary sale.


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